Indians hooked to internet every hour: Study
Indians hooked to internet every hour: Study

Fifty-three per cent of Indians are connected to the internet every waking hour which is higher than the global average of 51 per cent, a new international study has found.

How to have healthier grocery shopping

The grocery store can be a tricky place and even the most knowledgeable shoppers can end up putting mistakes in their cart. But with a few tricks up your sleeve, it's not all that tough to make smart decisions at the store.

Online shopping versus offline shopping, the unending debate

The big debate that is going on these days is whether to shop online or offline (good old brick and mortar stores) and which mode of shopping gives one a better experience.

I prefer to shop online: Keira Knightley
I prefer to shop online: Keira Knightley

Actress Keira Knightley says she prefers shopping online over visiting stores and markets for clothes.

Odisha's applique work adds to Durga Puja decor
Odisha's applique work adds to Durga Puja decor

While splurging on high-end couture and expensive gadgets for Durga Puja shopping, stop and absorb the vibrant applique work of Odisha being used to deck up a mall here.

Shopping plans? Heed mum`s advice on Facebook

Whom do mothers turn to when need trusted advice on shopping? No not to hubbies but to exclusive mothers` communities on Facebook.

Get fit whilst you shop

It was the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw who so honestly admitted that shopping is in fact her cardio workout and that’s why she couldn’t make the switch to online shopping -- so why not get yourself a workout in while you buy the essentials?

The mechanical watch of stylish elegance

Alliance is an elegant and sober watch boasting the best elements of Swiss-Made mechanical watchmaking. This year’s model is equipped with a self-winding ETA 2824 movement, famous for its robustness and reliability.

Money can`t buy shoppers happiness

A new study has found that shoppers , whether they buy material items or life experiences, are no happier following the purchase than they were before.

Lindsay Lohan`s credit cards declined?

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan`s credit cards were reportedly declined in a store while she was shopping recently.

Women take lead in choosing V-Day gifts for men online

The number of women searching for Valentine`s Day gift ideas for their partners was more than men in the past 30 days, according to a new research.

Jessie J comfortable shopping at flea market

Singer Jessie J is not very brand conscious and likes to shop at flea markets.

Men enjoy shopping, but many don``t like strip clubs - poll

About half of men in the United States enjoy shopping for clothes, many don`t like going to strip clubs and it is typical for males under the age of 44 to have sexted someone, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

7 in 10 to use smartphones for shopping in coming year: Study

About 70 percent consumers are expected to use their smartphones for shopping in the coming year, a new study has revealed.

Does shopping make you cringe? Try motivating tips

For various reasons, not everyone is fond of shopping.

More Americans shopped on their phones on Christmas

Most stores were closed but Americans still managed to shop on Christmas Day -- increasingly on their smartphones.

Frequent shopping linked to longer lifespan

A new study has revealed that shopaholics who like a bit of daily retail therapy are likelier to live longer than people who open their wallets only once a week.

Violence breaks out across US in holiday shopping rush

An officer was injured breaking up a fight outside a California Walmart and a shopper was shot in the leg over a TV in Las Vegas as the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush sparked violence at a number of stores across the nation.

Americans kick off two-day holiday shopping marathon

US shoppers kept up a two-day buying marathon today that began when more than a dozen major retailers opened on the Thanksgiving holiday, a break with tradition that drew protests from workers.

The brand detective

Looking for a smart way to make a quick buck alongside your salary? Mystery shopping can be a rewarding part time career. Prachi Rege tells you more.