Shuttle Endeavour’s final journey to LA Museum delayed

The US space shuttle Endeavour’s final journey towards museum, trekking down through the streets of Los Angeles was delayed on Sunday due to certain glitches.

Weather holds up Endeavour`s flight

Bad weather is holding up the transfer of the shuttle Endeavour from Florida to California where it will be displayed, NASA said Sunday.

NASA prepares shuttle Endeavour`s move to LA museum

Endeavour will make its final journey on Monday and leave home for good.

Shuttle Endeavour prepares for final glide home

Endeavour and its crew of six astronauts were to glide in for a nighttime touchdown at 0635 GMT.

NASA expects shuttle Endeavour to launch May 16

NASA expects repairs to be done in time for the space shuttle Endeavour to launch on May 16.

Shuttle Endeavour undocks from space station

Shuttle Endeavour departed the International Space Station on Friday night and headed home, leaving behind an outpost that is nearly complete and now has the best windows ever on the world.

Shuttle Endeavour to undock from ISS Saturday

Space shuttle Endeavour will undock from the International Space Station (ISS) Saturday after a nine-day mission, US space agency NASA said.

Shuttle Endeavour cleared for ISS docking

The space shuttle Endeavour is in the clear despite debris that peeled off during launch ahead of its docking with the International Space Station, NASA said Friday.