20% siblings of the autistic show symptoms at 18 months

A new study has revealed that about 20 percent of younger siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) developed the condition by age 18 months to 3 years.

German ethics council calls for decriminalizing incest between siblings

Germany`s national ethics council has called for an end to the criminalisation of incest between siblings.

Married for seven years, woman discovers husband is her brother!

In a strange twist of fate, a woman who wanted to find her mother, ended up learning a weird truth – that she also had a brother and that he was none other than the man whom she was married to.

Siblings learn from each other during playtime: Study

A new study has revealed that uninterrupted playtime between siblings is key for learning, as young children learn a lot from their older siblings.

Younger siblings likelier to follow older sibling`s path of crime

Researchers have said that if a sibling commits a violent criminal act, the risk that a younger sibling may follow in their footsteps is more likely than the transmission of that behavior to an older sibling.

Atypical development in siblings of autism sufferers detectable at 12 months

Researchers have suggested that atypical development can be detected as early as 12 months of age among the siblings of autism sufferers.

Two siblings kidnapped in Thane

A man hunt has been launched to nab the alleged kidnappers of a brother-sister duo from the city, police said on Tuesday.

Siblings get life terms in murder case in Uttar Pradesh

Two brothers were sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court here in a six-year old murder case.

Men with lots of brothers `more fertile`

If you are looking for a man who will give you a big family, first make sure you count how many brothers he has, researchers suggest.

Siblings strangulated, bodies found in jungle in NE Delhi

A five-year-old boy and his younger sister were today found murdered in a jungle in north-east Delhi.

Kids without siblings likely to be overweight: Study

Children who grow up without siblings have a more than 50 per cent higher risk of being overweight or obese.

Rajkot: Three siblings found dead at home

Three children belonging to a tribal
family were found dead at a farm near Jasdan town in Rajkot district.

MJ’s siblings ‘couldn’t get to him’ in his last days

Michael Jackson’s siblings, Tito and Rebbie, have admitted that despite numerous attempts, they could not get to their brother in his last days.

Siblings of autistic kids face higher risk

Siblings of kids with autism have a higher risk of being diagnosed with the disorder than previously believed.

Three sibling injured in explosion in Srinagar

Three minor siblings were Thursday
injured in an explosion which occurred inside their house in Lolab area of Kupwara district in north Kashmir, officials said here.

Moscow airport bomber named, his siblings arrested

Russian authorities named a suspected suicide bomber of Moscow`s airport and arrested his siblings.

I have fake siblings: Natalie Portman

Actress Natalie Portman thinks she has a large circle of friends because she has no siblings.

Four siblings charred to death in Jaipur

Four siblings were charred to death when a fire broke out in their house in Barmer district, police said Thursday.

Sonia Gandhi stops cavalcade to help injured siblings

In a humane gesture, Congress
President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday asked members of her cavalcade to
attend to an injured brother-sister duo who fell off their
motorbike while trying to give them way on a highway.

Delhi govt announces grant for sexually assaulted siblings

Delhi Govt announced a financial assistance of Rs four lakh to the family of three minors, who were sexually assaulted for the past one-and-a-half years allegedly by their school cab driver.