Son of Sikh temple massacre victim eyes US Congress

The son of a Sikh temple leader slain in a massacre said today he may seek the Congress seat of Republican heavyweight Paul Ryan, calling for a more peaceful America.

US gurdwara shooting victims evenly split aid worth $1.1 mn

In the end, on the advice of outside counsel, temple leaders divided it equally among all six families in a controversy-free decision, the report said.

Probe California gurdwara attack as hate crime: US lawmaker

Law enforcement authorities in California are probing the incident of vandalism of a Gurdwara as a possible hate crime, community activists and officials have said.

US Sikhs plan peaceful rites to mark Wisconsin gurdwara shooting

Twelve months ago, a white supremacist walked into a Milwaukee-area Sikh temple and opened fire on worshippers.

‘Timely treatment of Page could have avoided slaying`

Wade Michael Page was a heavy drinker who was so unstable after his girlfriend broke up with him years earlier that his friends feared he had committed suicide.

Gurdawara killer`s mother apologizes to Sikh victims

Laura Lynn said that she has had no contact with her 41-year-old son Wade Michael Page since divorce.

‘Gurudwara shooting reminds of bias crimes against Sikhs`

Immediately after the September 11, 2001, terrorist acts, Sikhs in the US came under attack.

Gurdwara shooting: Radio dispatches disclose the details

Police radio dispatches show the tension that build up when a man opened fire.

Gurdwara shooting: FBI begins probe

The FBI, which would be probing the case, has termed it as a "domestic terrorist-type incident".

US Gurudwara shooting: Obama takes stock of situation

Obama has reviewed the security situation with his top national security aides following the tragic shooting in a Sikh Gurudwara in Wisconsin.

Gurudwara shooting act of domestic terrorism: Police

Gurudwara shooting incident that left seven people dead, including the gunman, and three injured is an act of "domestic terrorism," police said.

Shooting at US Gurudwara: At least 7 dead, many trapped

Gunmen opened fire at a Gurudwara in Wisconsin during morning prayers on Sunday.

Sikh temple shooting trial starts in Austria

Six men, including five Indians, have
gone on trial in connection with last year`s bloody shooting
at a temple in the Austrian capital.

Indira Gandhi`s killers honoured in New Zealand Sikh temple

The decision by New Zealand`s largest Sikh temple to hail as martyrs the three men who assassinated Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has upset some members of the Indian community in Auckland.