Robert Rodriguez wants to cast Jessica Alba in every film

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has offered actress Jessica Alba a job for life - he wants her to appear in every franchise film he makes.

`Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for` set to release in 3D

The much anticipated sequel of the 2005 acclaimed thriller `Sin City`, ` Sin City: A Dame to Kill For` will be releasing in 3D, in India.

Jessica Alba answers customer complaints at her office

Actress Jessica Alba is such a hands-on boss when it comes to her baby products firm The Honest Company that she sometimes even chats with customers who call in to complain.

Eva Green`s raunchy movie poster banned

A raunchy film poster featuring actress Eva Green has been banned by America`s movie classification board.

I won`t go nude for films: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba may have played an exotic dancer in `Sin City`, but the actress insists she will not go fully nude for any role.

Britney Spears promises not to take son onstage

Singer Britney Spears has vowed not to take her eight-year-old son onstage during her upcoming Las Vegas shows.

Jessica Alba hosts baby shower for fan

Actress Jessica Alba treated an expectant mother to her dream baby shower by hosting an intimate event.

Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson split

British director Danny Boyle and actress Rosario Dawson have reportedly ended their romance.

Jessica Alba never thought `Sin City` sequel will happen

Jessica Alba says that she never thought that ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ will ever actually go on floors as it was delayed for a long.

Eva Green gets `Sin City: A Dame To Kill For`

Actress Eva Green has landed the lead role in `Sin City: A Dame To Kill For`.

Bruce Willis to star in `Sin City` sequel

Actor Bruce Willis has no plans on slowing down with his action movie projects as he will be seen in upcoming thriller film `Sin City: A Dame to Kill For`.

Josh Brolin joins `Sin City` cast

`Gangster Squad` star Josh Brolin has joined the cast of ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt signs `Sin City` sequel

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will feature in the upcoming sequel to 2005 film ‘Sin City’.

Danny Boyle dating `Sin City` star

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle is reportedly dating ‘Sin City’ actress Rosario Dawson, who is 22 years his junior.

Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller to start `Sin City` sequel

Robert Rodriguez and comics writer Frank Miller have joined forces to start production on a sequel to ‘Sin City’.

‘Sin City’ star Rosario Dawson is fascinated with ‘planking’

Dawson was fascinated by Internet images of people lying face down and still, like a plank of wood at landmark sites all over the world and has started trying it out herself.

Rosario Dawson wants `Sin City` sequel soon

Rosario Dawson wants to star in the sequel to `Sin City`

Ex-lovers Priyanka and Akshay to get close in Sin City

After keeping each other at bay for years, ex-lovers Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra are all set to come together again. And it’s not for a film but for a live stage performance. The duo that had been snubbing each other for long now have finally decided to get up, close and personal and will be seen rubbing shoulders at sin city - Las Vegas - on December 18.