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An Egyptian jihadist group on Thursday released a video in which it claimed responsibility for beheading four men accused of being "Israeli informants" before showing the victims` decapitated bodies.

Egyptian soldier, 8 militants killed in raid on hideout

An Egyptian soldier and 8 suspected militants were killed in an exchange of fire between the two sides in the volatile Sinai Peninsula.

Rocket attack kills girl in Egypt

A nine-year-old girl child was killed and another injured when a rocket fell in front of a house in in Egypt`s Sinai peninsula in an apparent attack targeting soldiers.

Egypt Army kills 16 suspected militants in Sinai

Egypt`s military spokesman said on Saturday airstrikes in the northern Sinai Peninsula have killed 16 militants with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the ousted president`s Islamist group.

Egypt air strike kills 7 Sinai militants: Army

The Egyptian army said it killed seven militants in an air strike in the Sinai Peninsula less than a week after jihadists downed a military helicopter in the restive region.

Airstrikes kill 13 Sinai militants: Egypt military

The Egyptian military aircraft pounded suspected positions of al Qaeda-inspired fighters in the Sinai Peninsula, killing 13 people, officials said.

Egypt military offensive kills 8 Sinai militants

Egyptian military officials say that troops backed by helicopters and armoured vehicles have killed eight militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula.

Jihadists claim Egypt canal city car bombing

An al Qaeda-inspired group operating in the Sinai Peninsula claimed on Monday a car bombing outside a military building in Egypt`s Suez Canal city of Ismailiya which wounded six soldiers.

Egypt sweeping out terrorists from lawless Sinai Peninsula

The Egyptian military has reportedly started sweeping out jihadists from the lawless desert of Sinai Peninsula in an effort to combat growing terrorism in the region.

Egyptian tanks, helicopters push through Sinai

Egypt military says troops backed by helicopter gunships are sweeping through northern Sinai peninsula near border with Palestinian Gaza Strip in major offensive against suspected Islamic extremists.

Egypt considers buffer zone along Gaza border

Egypt is considering establishing a one-km-deep buffer zone along the eastern border with Gaza in a move to heighten security, media reported.

Egypt militants kill 7 soldiers in Sinai: Report

Militants in Egypt`s Sinai peninsula killed seven soldiers in an attack on a checkpoint, security officials said.

At least 8 militants killed in Egypt`s Sinai air raids

Egyptian air strikes in the Sinai Peninsula killed at least eight militants, the military and local residents said on Sunday.

Three terrorists killed in Egypt car bombing

At least three terrorists were killed in a car bomb attack near a police training centre in Egypt`s North Sinai region bordering Israel, officials said.

Egypt`s security clampdown disrupts Gaza smuggling

An Egyptian security crackdown has severely disrupted smuggling to the neighbouring Gaza Strip, causing a fuel shortage in the Hamas-ruled territory.

Egypt busts Israeli spy network in Sinai

Egyptian security forces have uncovered an Israeli spy network operating in northern Sinai, a report has said.

Egypt seizes two tons of explosives headed to Sinai

Lawlessness has been rife in Sinai since the ouster of longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak in February 2011.

Ton of explosives seized on way to Egypt’s Sinai

The security chief of Suez city said the explosives were discovered in a truck crossing into Sinai from mainland Egypt through a traffic tunnel under the canal.

Israel completes border fence with Egypt

The fence is equipped with modern security systems and is designed to prevent Islamic militants, drug dealers from entering Israel from Egypt.

Egypt transfers tons of building materials to Gaza

New Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, of Hamas` parent group the Muslim Brotherhood, has vowed not to abandon the Palestinians.