Yemen`s Qaeda parades US hostage, threatens to kill him: SITE

Al-Qaeda in Yemen has threatened to execute a US hostage who called for help in a video released by the jihadist group, SITE Intelligence reported Thursday.

Indonesian suicide bomber dies fighting with IS: SITE

An Indonesian suicide bomber has died fighting with the Islamic State organisation in Iraq, a monitoring group said Tuesday, sparking fresh concern from Jakarta authorities who fear the group is spawning a new generation of radicals.

Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against US: SITE

A supporter of Islamic State militants has warned of attacks on the United States and its allies if they continue to carry out military action against the group that has seized large parts of Iraq and Syria, the SITE monitoring service said.

Islamic State claims beheading of British hostage: SITE

The Islamic State jihadist group claimed it executed British aid worker David Haines, in retaliation for British leader David Cameron entering a coalition with the United States against the militants.

Al Qaeda splinter group declares Islamic `Caliphate`

An offshoot of al Qaeda which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic "Caliphate" and called on jihadi factions worldwide to pledge allegiance to it, the SITE monitoring service said on Sunday.

Qaeda chief urges kidnappings of Americans: SITE

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called in an interview for militants to kidnap Westerners, especially Americans, to exchange them for jihadist captives.

Militant Islamist website calls for attacks on France and Hollande: SITE

The al Minbar Jihadi Media Network, a well-known Islamist website, created six posters as part of a campaign it dubbed, "We will not be silent, O France," SITE said.

Nigeria Islamists release video of French hostage: SITE

Nigerian Islamist group Ansaru has released a video of a French national kidnapped in December, the SITE jihadi tracking website said.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims deadly Hilla bombing: Report

Al Qaeda`s offshoot in Iraq has claimed a suicide car bombing that killed 24 policemen and wounded 72 others last week in Hilla.

Finds at excavation site support `Spice Route`

Vizhinjam was once the capital of Ay dynasty which ruled southern
Kerala from 8th to 10th century.

No visit to Posco site villages: CM Naveen

Contrary to the promise made
by him about 6 months ago, Orissa CM Naveen
Patnaik on Wednesday ruled out his visit to the proposed Posco site
in near future, even as anti-project agitators sealed the
plant area near Paradip.

Ten workers fall to death at Manila work site

A temporary elevator at a building
construction site in the Philippine capital plunged 25 floors, killing 10 workers, officials said.

Sweden bomber fulfilled Qaeda in Iraq threat: SITE

The man suspected of carrying out
weekend bombings in Sweden said in a purported will he was
fulfilling a threat by al Qaeda in Iraq to attack Sweden, the
SITE monitoring group said on Monday.

Peru site used for sacrificing children uncovered

An anthropologist has discovered a site in Peru which was used for sacrificing children.

US deploys `game-changer` weapon in Afghanistan

It looks and acts like something best left in the hands of Sylvester Stallone`s "Rambo," but this latest dream weapon is real -- and the US Army sees it becoming the Taliban`s worst nightmare.

Most of Pompeii site at risk of collapse

Pompeii is the largest archaeological site in the world.

`Qaeda American spokesman urges attacks in West`

Al Qaeda`s spokesman, has urged Muslims to carry out attacks in the "Zio-Crusader coalition" states.

Black box found at Nepal plane crash site

Investigators searching the
site of a plane crash near Nepal`s capital Kathmandu in which
14 people died have found the plane`s black box data recorder,
a civil aviation official said on Wednesday.

Egypt announces site of planned nuclear plant

Egypt announced on Wednesday it would
build its planned nuclear power plant on the Mediterranean
coast of el-Dabaa which it hopes will start production in
2019, the state news agency MENA reported.

Israel has `eight days` to hit Iran nuclear site: Bolton

Israel has "eight days" to
launch a military strike against Iran`s Bushehr nuclear
facility and stop Tehran from acquiring a functioning atomic
plant, a former US envoy to the UN has said.