N Korea, US look to another round of talks: Report

The meeting could take place in a third country, with the cities of Singapore, Berlin and Geneva among the possible choices.

North Korea wants early six-party nuke talks

North Korea walked out of the talks in April 2009, a month before its second atomic weapons test.

South Korea drops apology demand for six-party talks: Report

Seoul relaxes demands for resumption of aid-for-disarmament talks with North.

China calls for talks after N Korea nuclear claims

China has called for restarting the six-nation talks to end N Korea`s atomic ambitions.

South Korea says open to calls for six-party talks

Two years ago, North Korea walked away from the six-way talks which had begun in 2003.

US wants to see N Korea return to six-party talks

The Obama administration has said that it wants North Korea to return to six-party talks.

N Korea to rejoin nuclear talks in April: Report

North Korea plans to head back to the bargaining table early next month for talks aimed at ending its nuclear weapons program, a news report said on Saturday.

North Korea not eager to resume talks: UN envoy

North Korean officials are "not eager" to resume six-nation talks on ending their nation`s nuclear weapons programme, though they have not ruled out a return to dialogue, a UN envoy has said.

North Korea `not eager` to resume six-party talks: UN envoy

UN special envoy Lynn Pascoe said
on Friday, after a visit to Pyongyang, that North Korea was "not
eager" to return to six-nation nuclear disarmament talks.

Return to six-party talks unconditionally: US to N Korea

The Obama administration on Monday insisted that North Korea should return "without precondition" to the six-party talks on its nuclear programme.

‘US to talk to N Korea only if it leads to 6-party talks`

The Obama administration on Thursday said it is willing to hold bilateral discussions with North Korea only if it leads to the resumption of six-party talks towards the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

US says will only talk to N Korea in six-party forum

The United States said on Sunday it would hold direct talks with North Korea but only in the context of the existing six-party framework, in response to Pyongyang`s renewed nuclear sabre-rattling.

No formal invitation from North Korea: US

The United States has said it has not received a "formal invitation" from North Korea and there is no plan for its diplomat to visit Pyongyang now.

N Korea calling for new nuke talks: Richardson

North Korea is calling for new nuclear talks but wants them directly with the United States, Governor Bill Richardson said after a rare meeting with diplomats sent by Pyongyang.