Mars to glow at its `brightest` on Monday

Mars will be brightest and closest "it can get" to earth today, giving sky gazers an opportunity to see it with naked eyes.

Celestial treat for sky gazers tomorrow

A celestial treat is in store for star-gazers in the form of Perseids meteor shower Friday night.

Sky gazers to witness celestial fireworks display

Sky watchers will be able to witness a celestial fireworks display on Aug 13.

July nights offer visual treat for sky gazers

Five of sky`s leading lights gather over western horizon on mid-July nights.

Double celestial treat awaits sky gazers

A double celestial treat awaits sky gazers as a partial lunar eclipse and opposition of Pluto will be visible in the night.

Moon-Venus occultation gives a rare treat to sky gazers

A rare celestial show greeted sky gazers on Saturday.

Treat for sky gazers as asteroid Juno set for a cameo

A celestial event awaits star gazers tomorrow night with one of the ancient asteroids featuring a cameo in the sky.

Sky gazers witness dimming of moon

A yellow shining full moon turned into a dim red one early this morning as sky watchers witnessed the penumbral lunar eclipse.