Skydiver narrowly misses getting hit by meteorite

A man had a close shave with death after a meteorite narrowly passed by him.

Pilot, skydiver injured in plane-parachute collision in US

The 87-year-old pilot of a Cessna and a skydiver escaped with minor injuries when the plane collided with a parachute at a small airport in the US state of Florida, authorities said on Sunday.

Skydiver survives 8,000-foot fall in US

In a miraculous escape, a seasoned California skydiver survived an 8,000-foot fall with minor injuries and bruises after his parachutes failed and he landed on a patch of soft soil at a vineyard.

India`s 1st disabled skydiver heads to Antarctica

Sai Prasad Vishwanathan, India`s first disabled skydiver who has since childhood suffered a loss of sensation in the lower half of his body, will add another feather to his cap when he goes to Antarctica in 2013.

Skydiver aims to jump from 23 miles, go supersonic

He`s also leapt face-first into a pitch-dark, 620-foot-deep cave in Croatia — his most dangerous feat yet, he says, but soon to be outdone.

77-year-old Spanish granny is world’s oldest skydiver!

A 77 year old Spanish woman has become the world’s oldest professional freestyle skydiver.

Woman skydiver tried for love-triangle parachute murder

A young Belgian schoolteacher went on trial for murder, accused of killing her rival in a skydiving love-triangle by disabling her parachute.