Facebook messenger app to feature Skype video chat

Social networking giant Facebook’s messenger app will soon include a Skype video chat function, according to a report.

UK: Sikh caught drinking over Skype, kills cousin

A Sikh stabbed his cousin in Britain during a heated row after being caught out while drinking by relatives in India over Skype.

Not allowed to Skype, jailed terrorist complains

A Bangladeshi terrorist, who plotted to blow up a passenger jet, has complained for not being allowed to use Skype.

`Skype security flaw may put users at risk`

The serious security breach in the Internet video chat program means that any evil computer nerd could easily hunt down users` whereabouts.

Skype to buy messaging start-up GroupM

GroupMe was founded in 2010 at the Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon and is headquartered in New York.

Facebook, Skype to launch video chat service

Just as Google`s next big thing `Google Plus` is all set to launch, Facebook and Skype are about to strike a deal that would bring the video chatting service to the social networking site.

Facebook to launch Skype-powered video chat?

It would mean that Facebook members would be able to video chat live with other members.

Facebook and Skype to team up for video chat function?

Social networking site Facebook is reportedly planning to team up with Skype.

Microsoft gets antitrust approval to buy Skype

Microsoft announced in May it was buying Skype for $8.5 billion, its biggest-ever acquisition.

Russia security service `wants to ban Skype, Gmail`

Russia wants to ban Skype, Hotmail, and Gmail services over security.

Russian security service `wants to ban Skype, Gmail`

The Russian security service is
proposing to ban Skype, Hotmail, and Gmail as their
"uncontrolled use" may threaten Russia`s security.

Skype could be designated illegal in China

The Chinese government is cracking down on what it called illegal Internet telephone providers.

Skype says software to blame for 24-hour outage

Server overloads and a bug in Skype for Windows caused the two-day outage for the net phone firm.

Skype adding Wi-Fi, 3G video calling to iPhone app

A new version of the free iPhone app for Skype SA will let users make and receive video calls.

Skype says sorry for massive outage

Skype issued an apology for the outage, which left millions of people unable to log on to the service.

Facebook, Skype plan to combine services

Facebook and Skype are planning to combine their communications services.

Skype gets into Nokia smart phones

Internet telephony firm Skype took a second major leap into the wireless market in just a few weeks, unveiling software from top phone maker Nokia Oyj which could run on more than 200 million smartphones around the world.

Skype launches Arabic website

Skype has announced the launch of its
website in Arabic making it easier for the hundreds of
millions of Arabic speakers to connect with their loved ones
anywhere in the world.

eBay completes Skype sale

Online auction giant eBay announced it had completed its sale of Skype to an investment group that includes the two founders of the Web communications company.

eBay settles Skype software suit

E-commerce giant eBay has settled its long-running legal feud with the founders of Skype, clearing the way for a USD 2-billion sale of the internet telephony pioneer, the company announced on Friday.