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Here's how street lights give you sleepless nights

People living in more intense light areas were more likely to be dissatisfied with their sleep quantity or quality than people in less intense light areas, with 29 percent dissatisfied compared to 16 percent.

'Mindfulness meditation' may improve sleep quality in older adults

A new study has suggested that older adults may be able to sleep better with help of "mindfulness meditation."

Chronic sleep disturbances could trigger early Alzheimer`s onset

Researchers have suggested that people, who experience chronic sleep disturbance - either through their work, insomnia or other reasons - could face an earlier onset of dementia and Alzheimer`s.

Sleep disturbances `may cause memory problems`

Sleep disturbance negatively impacts the memory consolidation and enhancement.

Insomnia - Finding a natural cure

Go for a low-salt diet. Avoid white-flour foods, sugar, tea, coffee, chocolate, cola drinks: alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods.