Low-fat diet won't make you slimmer in long term: Study

Analysis of 53 studies involving 68,128 adults showed no difference in the average weight loss between reduced-fat diets and higher-fat diets. 

Tall people are more likely to be slim

A country with a taller population may have to worry less about obesity as researchers have found that the genes that result in greater height correlate strongly with genes that reduce body mass index (BMI).

Know what kind of dresses you should go for if you are skinny
Know what kind of dresses you should go for if you are skinny

Swap leggings for jeans and change bodycon dresses to flowy dresses to give your slender body a frame, says an expert.

Look slimmer with this new app

A new smartphone app promises to make you slimmer and smarter and that too without any interventions in your workout schedule!

Drape yourself well in sari to look slim

A sari is known to be one of the most flattering pieces of clothing and can make you look visibly slender, if worn right and chosen well.

Just feel cold to stay slim

A new study has revealed that exposure to cold temperatures increases levels of a newly discovered protein that is critical for the formation of brown fat, the type of fat in our bodies that generates heat.

Britney Spears gains over 13 kg

Singer Britney Spears has reportedly put on a lot of weight - nearly 13.5 kg.

Want to maintain slim waistline? Eat prunes

Losing weight is one thing and maintaining that slim figure is quite another as most overweight people tend to regain the lost weight soon - unless you are in love with prunes!

Sex is the secret to staying slim, says reality TV star Luisa Zissman

Luisa Zissman has revealed that she thinks sex is the secret to staying slim.

How do people stay slim despite eating `fat` food?

Your closest pal or colleague may eat the same high-calorie food that you gulp down but know how he/she stays slim and trim while you keep on adding extra kilos around your waist?

Slim, attractive men have less nasal bacteria than heavier counterparts

A new study has revealed a link between Body Mass Index (BMI) and the amount of bacteria colonizing noses, suggesting that heavier men harbor more potentially pathogenic species of bacteria in their nose, compared with slimmer, more traditionally attractive men.

Living at higher altitude can keep you slim

Americans living at higher altitudes were more likely to be slimmer than those in low-lying areas, says a new research.

Keeping food diary could be key to staying slim and fit

Adopting a fixed timetable for meals could be a more effective method of dieting than trying to cut out fatty foods, say researchers.

Obese people feel slim in company of fat friends

Almost half of all adults in Britain who are obese think they look “normal” because they see so many other fat people, health experts have claimed.

Milk complex keeps you slim despite fatty diet, lazy lifestyle

Traces of a cousin of vitamin B3, found in milk, produces startling health benefits such as keeping you slim inspite of a fatty diet and lazy lifestyle.

Exercise for 3 minutes, burn fat

Those who feel lazy to go to gym or do not have time to exercise may be literally jumping once they read this news.

Recession makes obese people thinner

Number of people who have become dangerously overweight halved in the three years after the financial crisis of 2007.

Eat desserts for breakfast, get slim

Those with a weakness for sweets can now include cookies and cake in a 600 calorie breakfast menu.

Eat enough protein `to stay slim`

Want to stay slim? Make sure that you eat enough protein in your diet, rather than simply cutting calories.

Once fat, you`ll never get slim

Fat people, who lose weight either by dieting or exercising, put it all back on again.