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DNA: Analyzing the effect of the smart phone on your eyes

Analyzing the effect of the smart phone on your eyes and smart phone blindness. To know more watch the full news story.

Soon, a watch by Samsung that works as a phone

Samsung is reportedly developing a smart watch that would work as a smart phone itself. The watch phone is said to launch in June or July.

How to avoid losing your smart phone

Crooks aren't to blame for most smart phones that go missing, but owners are, a new survey has revealed.

Move over EVMs, smart phone-based voting technology is here

A team of researchers has designed a mobile voting system optimised for use on a smart phone and tested its usability against traditional voting platforms.

Vodacom sees surge in Africa mobile data usage

African mobile phone operator Vodacom on Wednesday reported a 40-percent jump in revenue from data usage in the fourth quarter, as smart phone use continued to grow.

British student to launch bamboo smart phone

A 23-year-old British student will launch a mobile phone made largely from bamboo, The Telegraph reported Thursday.

Apple `crowned` global smart phone leader

Apple now tops smart phone rankings while BlackBerry has slipped to the fourth spot.

Smart phone replace your Holden Commodore keys

Micky Bly, the man behind GM``s Chevrolet Volt electric car program says Holden``s iQ infotainment system introduced to the Series II Commodore last year is the first step in the roll-out of much smarter.

Taiwan`s HTC: iPhone`s `quiet` challenger

HTC Corp.,Taiwanese maker of smart phones tries to establish its brand competing with Apple`s iPhone.

Google unveils smartphone called Nexus One

It`s official: Google will sell its own mobile phone in an effort to protect its online advertising empire as people increasingly surf the Web on handsets instead of personal computers.

BlackBerry to offer better browser

Browsing on your BlackBerry smart phone could soon become a much better experience.