New `smart` watch vibrates to keep you from nodding off

A new `smart` watch tracks the wearer`s movements and `buzzes` them awake if they start to doze off.

Soon, a watch that works as a phone

How about a watch that makes and receives calls and you just need to hold your wrist up to the mouth!

Now, smart watch to alert you if you`re too drunk to drive

Engineers have developed a new watch, with a built-in breathalyser, that warns you when you`re too drunk to drive.

Samsung working on `smart watch` to take on Apple`s `iWatch`

Samsung is working on a smart watch called the `Galaxy Altius` to take on rival tech giant Apple, new leaked images have suggested.

Now, a `smart watch` to display your texts

Scientists have developed a smart watch that can pair with the user’s phones to receive and display text messages.