Now, a disk in your trousers that helps you de-stress

Engineers have come up with a clip on disk that tells you to sit up straight and breathe through your belly.

Now, wristband that shocks you into giving up bad habits

An American firm has come up with a wristband that jolts people in to giving up bad habits.

Smartphone app to analyse speech, mental health

 A new smartphone app can analyse your speech and use it to gain information about your mental health, scientists say.

Traceable umbrellas that you can never lose
Traceable umbrellas that you can never lose

If the weather conditions never allow you to leave your home without an umbrella and the thought of losing it bothers you each time you take it out then fret no more! 

Menstrual and lunar cycles may be linked: Study
Menstrual and lunar cycles may be linked: Study

Researchers have used a smartphone app to analyse menstrual cycles of thousands of women and found a link between the menstrual and lunar cycles.

App that enables deaf people to 'hear'

In pleasant news for the hearing impaired, researchers have developed a new app called Transcense which transcribes speech into written words that consequently show up on the smartphone screen.

Smartphone app for the visually impaired launched

An application equipped with Braille typing feature that promises to assist the visually-impaired in using all features of a smartphone was launched here Thursday on World Sight Day.

Indian consulate launches app to guide Haj pilgrims

A free smartphone application launched this year by the Indian mission here that guides Indian Haj pilgrims to their accommodations has become a huge hit with even the Saudi government looking at ways to adopt the novel app.

App can reveal how moral you are

In a bid to track moral judgements in everyday life, researchers used a smartphone app to track moral and immoral acts committed or witnessed by more than 1,200 people as they spent the day.

New smartphone app to detect signs of Parkinson's

A new smartphone app can detect early signs of Parkinson's disease years before people experience tremors, a study has found.

App to help curb youth suicide

Australian researchers are developing a smartphone app to stop the escalating rate of indigenous youth suicide.

App to delete messages before it's received
App to delete messages before it's received

Worried about a wrong message sent to your boss, parents or colleagues? Now you can delete it instantly before they read it.

Smartphone app detects jaundice in newborns in minutes

 Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a smartphone app that checks for jaundice in newborns and can deliver results to parents and pediatricians within minutes.

Now, app that helps control anxiety, depression in youngsters

A `Hide and Seek` app is being developed for smartphones that will help young people to control their anxiety and depression by teaching them to stay calm.

Device that scans your drink for safety

Next time you go to a party in a bar, do not hesitate if someone offers you a drink. Just dip this little stick clandestinely in the glass and get to know if the drink is spiked or not.

Device that reads sleep patterns

Combining information on your sleep patterns with what is going on around you, this new device will wake you up at the perfect moment.

App that repels mosquitoes!

Tired of using mosquito repellents that appear ineffective nowadays? A new smartphone app can rescue you from that imminent bite.

Smartphone app tracks how gut bacteria affect health

A smartphone app used by two volunteers for one year to track their daily life has thrown interesting results about the composition of gut bacteria and its close relationship with health.

Smartphone app to save kids with heart conditions

A new smartphone app being tested at St Louis Children`s Hospital in the US is turning out to be a life-saving experience for children with heart conditions.

App to help you check stress level

What if your smartphone can test your stress level on the go? With this new app, this will become a reality soon.