How 'free' mobile apps drain your resources
How 'free' mobile apps drain your resources

There's no such thing as free -- especially when it comes to smartphone apps! A new study by a team, including an Indian-American engineer, reinforces this conventional wisdom.

App to help women tackle abusive behaviour

A mobile phone app has been created to help young women understand the signs of controlling and abusive behaviour in relationships.

Smartphone health apps quite accurate: Study

You can trust your smartphone app to track your physical activity, says a new study.

Apps as good as wearable devices to track physical activity
Apps as good as wearable devices to track physical activity

Smartphone apps can track an individual's physical activity just as accurately as wearable devices, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

Your cellphone can help you lose weight

Using smartphone apps with daily text messages or videos may encourage you to think about dieting and eating well, helping you lose more weight, a new study has found.

App stops texting while driving
App stops texting while driving

A new app aims to stop your mobile phone from distracting you while you drive, at least by text messages.

An app to avoid smartphone distraction

 Getting distracted by your smartphone? An app called Offtime helps you get rid of apps and notifications at a time when you need to focus on important work.

Apple promises to improve Photo app with date, location search
Apple promises to improve Photo app with date, location search

Apple promises to add a search field to the Photos app which would allow users to search with date or location.

App to make sure kids answer phone call

Kids who constantly ignore their parents` phone calls will hate this app. For parents, this is a blessing in disguise.

Now search engine to find best app for you

Navigating among sea of apps - multiplying with each passing hour - on your smartphone or iPad is not an easy task. How about a search engine strictly to find apps that suit your needs?

`Smart` tools can save endangered species: Study

Do you know that the current rate of extinction of the world`s threatened species - driven primarily by human activity - is roughly 1,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate, an alarming number that is likely to grow.

Now, smartphone app to create the perfect dream

A smartphone app makes it possible for people to create their perfect dream and so wake up feeling especially happy and refreshed, scientists say.

US, UK spy agencies tap data from smartphone apps: Report

US and British spy agencies extract huge amounts of personal data, according to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Smoking cessation smartphone apps do not help kick the butt

A study of the most popular smoking cessation smartphone apps has found that very few actually adhere to key evidence-based practices shown to help smokers quit.

More than 90% of priced smartphone apps eventually become free: Study

Smartphone apps are getting cheaper as many apps that start out costing money are eventually offered for free, a new study has revealed.

Now, apps that read out and respond to texts while you`re driving

Smartphone apps that read out and respond to text messages while people are driving, are a dangerous distraction and should not be used, according to police.

Why online security is taxing our brains

You need a system to manage that morphing body of login credentials necessary to navigate your virtual life.

Yahoo unveils tablet, smartphone apps

Yahoo Inc unveiled a handful of products to try and bolster its mobile and social networking offerings, as the struggling Web company continues to evaluate its future.