Zoomable holograms pave way for versatile, portable projectors: Study

Imagine giving a presentation to a roomful of important customers when suddenly the projector fails. You whip out your smartphone, beam your PowerPoint presentation onto the conference room screen, and are back in business within seconds.

An app to access cell phones remotely

Kerala start-up company Livares Technologies has come out with a new application PhoneAway that enables users to access their mobile phones remotely.

Quantum computers move closer to reality

The ability to store and process huge amounts of data in a quantum way (on an atomic scale) would revolutionise computing.

Smartphone operated WiFi kettle lets you boil water for tea while in bed

World`s first WiFi kettle lets you boil tea water from your bed through a smartphone app.

Meet the `real woman` behind Apple`s `virtual` Siri voice!

The voice fed as the `virtual assistant` in Apple`s smart devices is of a real woman named Susan Bennett from Atlanta, who laid down recordings for a client eight years ago but had no idea if they will be used to communicate with over 100 million people through a smartphone.

Your smartphone can detect earthquakes

Small sensors installed in most smartphones and laptops are sensitive enough to detect moderate and large earthquakes - greater than magnitude 5 - a new study suggests.

Now, car that shrinks into half to squeeze into tight parking slots!

Researchers have created a prototype car which can fold in half with just the press of a button on the driver`s smartphone.

Monasteries decline as TV, smartphones grip Bhutan

Kencho Tshering, a red-robed Buddhist monk, takes a call from the King of Bhutan`s office, then duly dashes off to start a ceremony praying for a break in the monsoon rains.

Now, an app to ensure you `Get Home Safe`

A new app for smartphone s has been developed which allows for monitoring users` outdoor activities and to ensure that the person reaches home safe.

Few takers for 4G services yet: Study

According to an Ofcom report, just under a quarter of UK smartphone users do not want to sign up for 4G even when they are aware of the existence of the mobile data services, BBC reports.

Facebook launches mobile game publishing programme

Facebook got into the business of publishing mobile games, offering developers help at going global with smartphone or tablet titles in exchange for a share of revenue.

Now, tooth sensor that rats you out if you lie to doc

Scientists have developed a sensor that when embedded in a tooth could tell doctors if patients have ignored medical advice to give up smoking or eat less.

3D-printed robot cracks smartphone`s four-digit PIN code in less than 20 hours

A cheap 3-D printed robot is capable of breaking a typical Android phone`s 4-digit lock in less than 20 hours.

Now, get a health checkup with Japanese technology

The rise of diseases linked to modern lifestyle has also led to the search for new ways of handling these challenges.

Smartphone turned into handheld biosensor to detect toxins, pollutants and pathogens

Researchers have developed a cradle and app for the iPhone that uses the phone`s built-in camera and processing power as a biosensor to detect toxins, proteins, bacteria, viruses and other molecules.

Now, iPhone app to help you find your parked car

Swedish car company, Volvo has developed an iPhone app that would help car owners to find the location of their vehicle through their smartphone.

Soon your hand will also be your smartphone

Researchers from the University of Tokyo are in the process of developing a technology to put the mobile phone on the palm of your hand.

`Smartphone chat apps taking over text messaging`

Chat apps and free messaging services designed for smartphones are slowly killing text messaging with businesses and teenagers shifting their way of communication.

Now, track gunfire with your smartphone

Researchers have developed a new device which helps users track gunfire with their smartphones, popping a map of the neighbourhood on its screen pointing in the direction the shot came from.

Now, Kama Sutra app in 3D on smartphone

Kama Sutra, the 2,000-year-old Indian sex manual, has been sexed-up for the modern-day audience with a new app which enables people to study the poses in 3D.

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