India can become next app superpower: Experts

India has the ability to become the next app superpower due to its enormous consumption power and potential, said a panel of experts at the 14th edition of Ficci-Frames 2013 here Wednesday.

`Data captured by smartphone sensors could reveal security secrets`

Data captured by smartphone sensors can help criminals determine codes used to lock the gadgets, security researchers have warned.

Bipasha Basu to endorse smartphones, tablets brand

Actress Bipasha Basu has been roped in to endorse a range of smartphones, phablets and tablets by Pune-based company Byond Tech Electronics Pvt. Ltd (BTEPL).

Now, smartphones to act as secure and versatile keys

Researchers have developed a new software that makes the technology of opening car and home doors using smartphone apps more secure and versatile.

Is smartphone attachment a bad thing?

To understand the allure of the smartphone we need to stop thinking of it as simply a device, a cultural anthropologist has said.

5 tips to prevent `square eyes` from too much tech use

Looking at a computer, tablet or smartphone screen for longer hours may ruin your eyesight, says experts who have also suggested five tips to prevent it.

UK retailer website leaks ‘Google Nexus 4’ details

Details of Google’s new flagship Nexus 4 smartphone have apparently been leaked by the UK’s largest independent mobile phone retailer.

Apple`s iOS garners more support from developers over Android

Flurry Analytics has found that iOS continues to attract greater support from app developers.

Soon, smartphones to remind you where you`ve put your keys

Intel is said to be investing in smartphones that “learn” about their owners and predict what they do - doing tasks for them without being asked.

`Smartphones can be a boon for visually impaired`

iPhones and other smartphones can be a boon to those with low visions, but few doctors are recommending them to patients, according to a new study.

Apple planning to launch $200-$250 7-inch iPad in October: Report

Tech giant Apple is reportedly planning to launch a smaller-seven-inch version of the iPad in October this year.

‘Smartphones breaching our privacy’

With endless applications, high-speed wireless internet access, and free messaging services, smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate, but at the cost of our privacy.

Mid-level mobiles could be `best phones`

If you only require a cellphone for making calls, then you don’t necessarily need a touch screen, according to a new study.

`Touche` gives human touch to doorknobs, smartphones

A doorknob that knows whether to lock or unlock based on how it is grasped, a smartphone that silences itself if the user holds a finger on her lips are among the many potential applications of `Touche`, a new sensing technique.

More smartphone users in India access Net than in America

When it comes to accessing Internet through smartphones, the number of Indians outweigh the number of Americans in the activity, says a survey conducted by Google in partnership with research firm Ipsos.

Why camera phones couldn`t kill the standalone camera

While most attention in the gadget world is on the breakneck pace of innovation in mobile phones, tablets and computers, another device has resolutely refused to die: the camera.

China`s ZTE to sell 100 mn smartphones a year by 2015

ZTE, the world`s No.4 handset producer and fifth-ranked telecoms gear maker, has fared better than crosstown rival Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

`BlackBerry maker hires law firm for restructuring`

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has hired law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP to work out a restructuring plan.

Apps become key to mobile advertising: Report

Ads within smartphone applications such as the popular puzzle game Angry Birds are turning into a key driver for mobile advertising.

More teens using Internet while driving

Thousands of people, especially the young, are giving into the lure of using Internet on their smartphones while they are behind the wheel, a new study has revealed.