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Indonesia steps up fire response as haze blankets Singapore

The haze is an annual problem for Southeast Asia, but last year's fires were the worst since 1997, straining relations between Indonesia and its neighbors. 

Gay, bisexual adults more prone to smoke, alcohol abuse

Gay, bisexual adults more prone to smoke, alcohol abuse

Lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adults were more likely to indulge in heavy drinking and smoking.

Smoking can hamper breast cancer treatment

 Women who smoke are less likely to respond to breast cancer treatments in comparison to those who abstain from it, and on the contrary they may be negatively affected by it, says a study.

Worst greenhouse gas-emitters least affected by climate change

Worst greenhouse gas-emitters least affected by climate change

The case of global climate change seems to resemble that of non-smokers getting cancer from second-hand smoke as a new study suggests that countries emitting the least amount of gasses ironically suffer the most and vice versa.

Ancient smoke-absorbing lamps unearthed in China

 The two lamps were found in September in the tomb of "Haihunhou" (Marquis of Haihun).

Secondhand smoke ruining your kid's teeth

Smokers, you may want to kick that habit as a recent study has linked exposure to secondhand smoke to increased risk of tooth decay in young children.

What accelerates ageing in smokers

 A team of Japanese researchers has decoded the mechanism behind what accelerates ageing in smokers.

Alcohol, drug addicts far likelier to smoke

A team of researchers has revealed that around the world, those who are treated for addiction are far more likely to smoke.

People in addiction treatment more likely to smoke

People undergoing treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction around the world use tobacco at two to three times the rate of people who are not being treated for addiction, finds a 20-country study.

Children of smoking parents likely to be smokers

 Teenagers are much more likely to smoke and be dependent on nicotine if either parent is dependent on nicotine, says a new study.

Smoke emanates from train compartment in Guruvayur- Trivandrum Intercity express

Passengers of Guruvayur- Trivandrum Intercity express had some anxious moments after smoke emanated from a compartment of the train this morning, shortly after it left Kazhakootum station here.

New air filter can clear cigarette smoke quickly

A new air cleaning equipment has been developed that can purify the air completely in an hour inside a smoking room where 10 people are simultaneously smoking.

Lindsay Lohan rejects fast food commercial

Lindsay Lohan rejects fast food commercial

Actress Lindsay Lohan was approached by a fast food chain regarding an advertisement in which she would wear a Spicy Chicken Fries box and smoke a chicken fly as if it were a cigarette. But she refused the offer because it poked fun at her troubled past.

Japan bullet train suicide fire: Two killed after cardiac arrest

Japan bullet train suicide fire: Two killed after cardiac arrest

 Two people were feared dead today after an apparent suicide attempt on board a moving shinkansen bullet train in Japan, a spokesman for the operator told AFP.

Even passive smokers need more anesthetic during surgery

During operations, both smokers and those exposed to passive smoke require more anaesthetic and painkillers as compared to non-smokers, a new research says.

Study warns of increase in manufacture of chewing tobacco items

There has been a steady increase between 2012 and 2015 in the volume of chewing tobacco manufactured in the country which "does not match" with the domestic regulatory environment on smokeless tobacco products, the WHO has said.

Even single e-cigarette vapor exposure can diminish cough reflex sensitivity

A new study has demonstrated that just one exposure to vapor from electronic cigarettes dampens the cough reflex.

E-cigarette ads make one desire tobacco

Watching e-cigarette television advertisements can make people crave for tobacco, regardless of whether they did or did not smoke before.

Highly stressed new moms likelier to expose infants to secondhand smoke at home

A new study has demonstrated that mothers, who experience higher levels of social stressors, are least likely to have rules that totally ban smoking in the home, which could expose their infants to secondhand smoke and increase health risks.

Hookah smokers breathe in higher quantities of heavy metals than believed

According to a new study, when smoking hookah, only a minimal amount of heavy metals are removed in the "filtration" process, suggesting that shisha pipes are not as toxin-free as previously believed.