Offer financial incentives to double smoking cessation rates

A new study has suggested that smoking cessation rates get doubled by offering small financial incentives to socio-economically disadvantaged smokers.

Soon, Internet-connected 'Smart' e-cigarette that can keep track of every puff you take

Tobacco giant Philip Morris has envisaged an e-cigarette which can connect to the internet, allowing users to "buy" puffing time online, in daily, weekly or monthly chunks.

Extra exercise helps depressed smokers kick the butt faster

Extra exercise can reduce the compulsion to reach for a cigarette in depressed smokers, a new study has found.

E-cigarettes may have unknown health risks: Study

E-smokers beware! There is not enough evidence to prove the claim that e-cigarettes are an healthy alternative to smoking.

Study reveals that E-cigarette`s safety aspect is at question

A new study has revealed that the E-cigarette mainstream awareness has been increased but at the same time smokers question device`s safety factor.

Eight million lives saved since US alarm on smoking 50 years ago

More than half of American men and over a third of women were smokers on January 11, 1964, when Dr. Luther Terry delivered the first Surgeon General`s Report on Smoking and Health outlining the links between tobacco use, lung cancer and death.

Quitting smoking may lower long-term cataract risk

Smoking raises the risk of developing cataracts, but quitting may turn that around over time, according to a new study from Sweden.

Quit smoking this New Year with these simple tips

New Year is here and so is the time to work on your resolution to quit smoking. Don`t be disheartened if you are struggling to kick the butt, you are not alone in this uphill battle.

People more likely to quit smoking when celebs promote cancer screening

While the start of a new year looks like a promising way to start off on a clean slate by quitting bad habits, it may not be as much of a powerful motivator as the motivation of a celebrity.

Smoking cessation products pose no serious heart risks: Study

Nicotine replacement gums or popular drugs prescribed to help people quit smoking may not pose serious heart risks in users, according to a study.

Smoking after cancer diagnosis ups death risk: study

Men who continue to smoke after being diagnosed with cancer have an increased risk of death compared with those who quit smoking, US researchers said.

Smoking cessation smartphone apps do not help kick the butt

A study of the most popular smoking cessation smartphone apps has found that very few actually adhere to key evidence-based practices shown to help smokers quit.

Quitting smoking does not completely cut cardiovascular disease risk

A new study suggests that smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack, than people who have never smoked.

Short daily walk might help teens cut down on smoking

Teenagers who increased the days on which they got just 20 minutes of exercise, equivalent to a short walk, were able to cut down on their smoking habit, according to a study.

Smoking cessation cuts risk of heart attacks and strokes by over 40%

The positive effect of smoking cessation becomes noticeable within a short period of time, according to a new study.

Why you should avoid booze during smoking cessation attempts

Smoking cessation attempts may be more difficult after consuming alcohol.

Unable to quit smoking? Try cutting back instead

Researchers say just limiting the number of the sticks you inhale everyday can reduce the risk of an early death by 15 percent.

Now, cellphones can help you kick the butt

Support for quitting smoking via text and video messages can offer a low cost solution to kick the butt, according to a new study.

Can’t quit smoking? Blame it on your genes

New research shows that vulnerability to smoking addiction is shaped by our genes.

Future-focused smokers likelier to quit

Smokers who value the future are more likely to stop smoking, new research has found.