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Trouble for snoring kids? Too bad for school grades!

Trouble for snoring kids? Too bad for school grades!

Is your child performing poorly at school? If yes, please check if he or she is sleeping well because reseachers have found that snoring can adversely affect children's thinking abilities.

Snoring can worsen cancer

Sleep apnoea, in which the walls of the throat relax and block the airways, is already associated with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Snoring can affect kids' health, learning abilities

The most common reason for snoring are enlarged tonsils or adenoids, that can often be cured or reduced with surgery, the researchers said.

Sleepless nights put women at diabetes risk

Ladies, you may want to start getting a good night's sleep as a new study suggests that the worse you sleep, the higher is your type 2 diabetes risk.

Kerala surgeon makes device to solve snorers' woes

A wearable device designed by an ENT surgeon here is expected to treat sleep apnea and snoring by changing the habit of sleeping on the back to sleeping on the side.

Good sleep can lower effects of stress in kids 

Eight to nine hours of good quality sleep every night, combined with other healthy lifestyle behaviours, can reduce the negative consequences of stress in kids.

Simple exercises can help control snoring

 If snoring is hampering your partner's sound sleep, simple mouth and tongue exercises can do wonders.

Mouth, tongue exercises can curb your noisy 'snores'

To all the nose noise makers of the night! A new study has found that you can control your snores with help of mouth and tongue exercises.

Playing flute lowers sleep apnea risk

If snoring is ruining your sound sleep, learning to play the flute can do wonders.

Sleep apnea-caused brain damage can be reversed

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy can help reverse brain damage caused by severe sleep apnea, says a study.

Is your snoring hubby a night-time groaner?

And you thought your hubby snores a lot as you change positions to catch some sleep. He may actually be a nocturnal groaner.

Women not immune from snoring-stroke connection

It is not only men who are at risk of stroke linked to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A study has found that the link between OSA and stroke may be just as strong among women too.

3D-printed mouthpiece can prevent snoring

Not been able to get good night`s sleep owing to snoring or sleep apnea? This 3D `duckbill` device can prevent dangerous pauses in breath during sleep and stops snoring.

5 easy tips to stop snoring

Believe it or not, but snoring is a serious trouble. If a person snores occasionally, it is quite normal. But, if one tends to snore very often, it is time to be cautious as this can lead to serious problems.

Now, pillow that prods sleepers to stop snoring

A new pillow has been developed that helps sleepers to stop snoring.

New Good Night ring promises to make snoring history!

A ring has been invented by Michael Carter-Smith - a saxophonist in the 1960s with rock band Amen Corner - and who claims that it targets pressure points on one`s finger, and cuts snoring in 85 per cent of people.

Snoring linked to increased stroke risk

People who snore heavy are twice as likely to suffer a stroke as those who sleep peacefully, a new study shows.

Snoring during pregnancy up risk of delivering smaller babies

new research has found that expecting women, who snore at least three nights a week, are at higher risk of having C-sections and delivering smaller babies than those who don`t.

Snoring gateway to greater heart risks?

Snoring may be a gateway to higher risk of heart disease than those who are overweight, smoke or have high cholesterol, according to a new finding.

Heavy snoring doubles arthritis risk

Snoring heavily almost doubles the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.