Drinking alone leads to risky behaviour

Do you often drive back home on your own at dangerous speed after a bout of drinking? You must be drinking alone most of the time. According to a new study, those who drink alone are more prone to risky behaviour than those who drink moderately in a group.

Human-like computer game characters closer to reality

Computer game characters can become more human-like by embracing gossipping and lying, a new study has suggested.

Cocaine users enjoy social interactions less

Regular cocaine users have difficulties in feeling empathy for others and exhibit less prosocial behaviour, scientists say.

Autistic kids can get better life with proper intervention:study

With Priyanka Chopra`s act of an autistic girl in critically-acclaimed film `Barfi` bringing into focus the issues faced by children suffering from the disorder, a new study has found that significant improvement in their social interaction and motor behaviour is possible.