Facebook tweaked news feeds of 1.9 million users before 2012 US elections
Facebook tweaked news feeds of 1.9 million users before 2012 US elections

Social network site Facebook reportedly made slight changes to the news feeds of 1.9 million users prior to the 2012 US election to enable them to see more "hard news" shared by friends.

Afghanistan rejects Facebook ban as election tensions rise

The Afghan government today rejected a proposal to ban Facebook during an ongoing deadlock over the presidential election, despite fears that social media postings have fanned ethnic hatred.

Pope has most clout on Twitter: Study

Pope Francis has by far the most clout of any world leader on Twitter because he is so widely retweeted, a study of political use of the social network showed on Wednesday.

Jerk.com accused of misusing Facebook data

Social networking site Jerk.com has been charged by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of misusing Facebook users information to create profiles for millions of people, including children from 2009 to 2013.

Interaction over Facebook different from conversing face-to-face: Study

Meeting virtual friends from Facebook in real life and interacting with them face-to face is apparently not the same as chatting with them over the social network site, a study has revealed.

Twitter installs two log cabins as diners for employees in San Francisco Headquarters

Twitter is reportedly planning to install two log cabins, dating back to1800`s, in its headquarters in San Francisco.

Facebook grabs social network Branch

Facebook today confirmed that it has grabbed a hold of Branch, a social network that focuses providing online forums for insightful conversations.

Facebook to let teens share with bigger audience

Facebook is now allowing teenagers to share their posts on the social network with anyone on the Internet, raising the risks of minors leaving a digital trail that could lead to trouble.

Top five things which should never be shared on Facebook

The social media has become an integral part of everyday life but users need to be aware of what and how much they share on sites like Facebook which might be used by malicious hackers.

Kalam`s e-paper `billion beats` now on Facebook

Former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam`s e-paper `billion beats` has now started beating on the social media site Facebook.

Zuckerberg`s wealth down $4.5 bn as Facebook tumbles on NASDAQ

The drastic fall in the share price of Facebook has significantly eroded the personal wealth of its 28 year-old co-founder Mark Zuckerberg by a massive USD 4.5 billion in just three weeks.