Facebook teeming with lonely hearts, finds study

The feeling of loneliness is bringing more people in search of friends to Facebook, in stark contrast to the view that the social networking site makes people feel isolated, revealed a research.

Facebook issues apology to drag queens over 'real-name' policy
Facebook issues apology to drag queens over 'real-name' policy

Facebook has reportedly issued an apology to drag queens over its "real-name" policy that required them to use their legal names on the social networking site.

'Ad free' Ello your new social networking address?

A new social networking site Ello - described by some people as “anti-Facebook” - that has created quite a buzz claims to end the “real name” policy by keeping itself simple, beautiful and ad-free.

Girl held for 'defaming' friends on FB through fake accounts

A 22-year-old girl was arrested from Cuncolim village Thursday for allegedly creating fake accounts of her friends on a social networking site and posting their pictures with obscene messages, police said.

Facebook not going to charge users any fee: Reports
Facebook not going to charge users any fee: Reports

An article on the satirical website National Report, which stated that the social networking site is going to charge its users $2.99 per month starting Nov 1 is fictional, media reports said.

Soon, track the number of clicks a video gets on Facebook
Soon, track the number of clicks a video gets on Facebook

Social networking giant Facebook announced on Sunday that it is adding a counter to videos that will allow users to track how many times a video is seen.

Facebook addiction can leave you lonely, depressed
Facebook addiction can leave you lonely, depressed

Do you often feel you have wasted time on Facebook or termed it as a meaningless activity but still cannot let your eyes move away from the screen? You are at the risk of developing depression.

Youth held for posting morphed obscene photos of teenage girl

A 20-year-old youth allegedly posted morphed obscene photos of a teenage girl on a social networking site after his proposed marriage with her was called off by her family members over some dispute.

Messenger app: Facebook blackout on August 22?

Amid reports that Facebook`s Messenger app would be able to spy on users, an event has been organised inviting them to deactivate their accounts for 24 hours starting Friday, August 22 at 18:00 GMT in protest against the social networking site.

Man befriends girl on Facebook, faces rape charge

In what can raise the alarm for many, the accused in two separate incidents used the social-networking site `Facebook` to sexually assault the victims, as per reports on Wednesday.

Rush to join class action lawsuit against Facebook

Over 11,500 people have joined the class action lawsuit filed by an Austrian law student against Facebook over the company`s privacy policies.

Facebook `forcing` messenger app users

Soon, you will be "forced" to download and use Facebook messenger app as you log on to the popular social networking site.

Why Lily Allen goes into shutdown mode?

Singer Lily Allen has decided to go into shutdown mode after receiving criticism on a social networking site.

Facebook rolls out `Save` feature to recall News Feeds

Facebook announced on Monday a new link-saving service called `Save`, which will allow users to save a link found in the News Feed to his or her account. With the item saved, the user can then recall all saved items at a later time.

Shakira becomes first artist to surpass 100m `likes` on Facebook

Shakira recently became the first female celebrity to hit 100 million likes on Facebook, which made her the `most liked` artist on the social network site.

`Narendra Modi`s Facebook page fastest growing for any elected leader`

Narendra Modi has the fastest growing Facebook page for any elected official in the world and is only second after US President Barack Obama in terms of fan following of politicians.

LinkedIn`s user base crosses 300 million mark

The business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn`s user base has reportedly risen above 300 million people across over 200 countries.

Facebook status updates contagious, spread like virus: Study

Be cautious while posting updates on your Facebook page as it can have a huge influence on its viewers.

Facebook eyeing drone maker for `Internet to all` mission

Social media giant Facebook is reportedly eyeing a drone manufacturer for its mission to provide Internet access worldwide.

Amitabh Bachchan`s Facebook page crosses 10 million `likes`

Amitabh Bachchan`s official page on Facebook has garnered 10 million likes.