Facebook offers free internet access to Zambians

Facebook has launched a free app that provides limited internet access to people in the African nation Zambia who have mobile phones without data plans.

Facebook reveals men hold 8 out of 10 `top positions` in US

Facebook today revealed its diversity report which shows that 77 percent of top positions are held by men.

Kolkata girl kills self after lover posts indecent comments

A girl committed suicide after accusing her boyfriend of posting indecent remarks about her on a social networking website, police said Wednesday.

Facebook still teens` favorite social-networking website: Survey

A new survey has revealed that Facebook is still teens` favorite social networking website in the US.

Facebook Paper update allows more sharing with download links

Facebook has reportedly updated its social news reader app `Paper,` with features for sharing content and a downloadable link for the app.

Facebook introduces `custom gender options` for self identification

Facebook has reportedly announced that its U.S. users will now have the "other" option to select a custom gender for their Timeline profiles.

Facebook not planning to flood News Feed with ads, says COO

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has reportedly announced that the company has no plans to flood the News Feed with ads.

Facebook could fade out like a disease: Researchers

Facebook is like an infectious disease, experiencing a spike before its decline, according to US researchers who claim the social network will lose 80 per cent of users by 2017.

Awkward Facebook posts may cause anguish

Awkward Facebook posts can not only cause embarrassment, but also make some people suffer anguish and anxiety for a long time, a new study has found.

Now, a social networking website for children

Parents of seven-year-old Mehul Chowdhury were a worried lot after they found out that a paedophile stalker, who had befriended him on Facebook, was abusing their only child.

Facebook hashtag fails to take off?

Using hashtags in Facebook posts may be a fun strategy for companies trying to grab the attention of consumers, however, it doesn`t appear to be paying off, a new study has claimed.

Parrikar makes a comeback on Facebook

“Lies” spread on the social media has forced Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to make a comeback on Facebook after a long hiatus.

FIR against Facebook over objectionable page

An FIR was today registered against owners of social networking website Facebook for not removing an online community page created by some persons who have using it to "glorify" cow slaughter.

Study shows how to enhance Twitter followers

Twitter users need to strategize their tweets to attract more followers, a new research has revealed.

Twitter launches music-finding service

Twitter today launched a music service that recommends tunes based on what people are `tweeting` about and lets people sample songs they might like.

81% don`t want to be Facebook friends with boss

At least 81 per cent people believe that there is one person you should never be friends with on Facebook - your boss - according to a new survey.

Facebook posts and tweets proving a helping hand for thieves

Tweeting about your holiday antics could just be the green light a burglar needs to break into your house!

Facebook `likes` add automatically without user-clicks

Facebook `likes` are being added to webpages irrespective of whether users have clicked a like button or not, or even visited the social networking site, the company has acknowledged.

Facebook reaches one billion users

Facebook has exceeded one billion active users, an "amazing" milestone for the social networking site that now reaches one out of every seven people on the Earth.

Pay few bucks and use Facebook to promote yourself

For all those frequenting Facebook, the social networking website can now turn into a forum for promoting themselves as by paying a few bucks, people can now use the media for highlighting something they want to.