Hateful content on Facebook bad for your brain
Hateful content on Facebook bad for your brain

Are you exposed to reading homophobic, racist, misogynistic or other hateful content on Facebook? It may have a harmful effect on your brain in the long run.

Oxigen launches mWallet for sharing money on social networks

Payment solutions provider Oxigen Wednesday launched its mobile wallet (mWallet) service, Oxigen Wallet, through which users can transfer money, purchase gifts for their friends and family on social networking platforms.

Dehradun woman duped of Rs 1.30 cr by her Facebook friend

As they always say, choose your friends wisely. And when it comes to friendships on social networks, you ought to be extra vigilant else you can land in trouble. A glaring case of this has recently come into light.

Facebook, Instagram crack down on gun sales on social networks

Facebook Inc and its photo sharing subsidiary, Instagram, will delete posts offering to buy or sell guns without background checks, Facebook announced on Wednesday.

Social networks to solve complex problems: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is on road to help users solve "bigger" and "complex" problems, founder and CEO of the social networking giant Mark Zuckerberg said today.

Internet surfers warned of fake link bait

Internet surfers have been reportedly warned of false link baits that are spreading on the social networks.

Turkey clashes leave one dead

A 22-year-old man was killed in southern Turkey during fresh protests over the authorities` violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrations in June, officials and local media said.

Social networks act as political rallying sites: Report

A Pew Research Center report released late Wednesday indicated that online social networks have become political hotspots in the United States.

Long-distance social networks existed in the past much before technology

Long-distance social networks existed long before the advent of the Internet, a new study has revealed.

Polaroid camera with `built-in Instagram-like` filters `coming soon`

A Polaroid camera that allows that allows users to add Instagram filters is set to hit the market early next year.

‘Social networks should set up servers in India’

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday sought the Centre`s immediate attention for controlling social networking sites.

Weight loss `can be contagious`

Believe it or not, weight loss is "contagious". This is the conclusion of a new study which included an Indian-origin researcher.

India not totalitarian regime like China: Google

Google India, along with 20 websites is facing criminal case for allegedly hosting objectionable materials.

Objectionable content: Delhi court adjourns case

The case of 21 social networking sites allegedly hosting objectionable content was Friday adjourned in a Delhi court till March 13.

Teens with large social networks more prone to drink

Adolescents are more likely to start drinking alcoholic beverages when they have large social networks of friends.

Teens with large social networks more prone to drink

Adolescents are more likely to start drinking alcoholic beverages when they have large social networks of friends, according to a new study.

`Sharp rise in neo-Nazis using social networks`

A study said that around 6,000 far-right posts had been found on social networks in Germany in 2010.

Bengali film on social networks headed for Osaka film fest

As social networking sites have become the talking point among the youth worldwide, films on the subject are but a natural spin-off like the Facebook tale `The Social Network` which has swept honours at the Golden Globe.

Britons update social networks from bed

Three quarters of Britons spend an average of 16 mins daily to update their social networking profiles from bed.