This software reads your emotions via typing style
This software reads your emotions via typing style

Can our typing style reveal our emotions? If we believe researchers here, a new computer programme can recognise people's emotions based on how they type.

'3D printing 'technology of the future'

Three-dimensional printing, sensors, the cloud and personalisation are "the future in technology," according to Amar Hanspal, vice president of the San Rafael, California-based Autodesk manufacturing company.

JPMorgan hackers accessed servers but stole no money: Report
JPMorgan hackers accessed servers but stole no money: Report

Hackers accessed dozens of servers at JPMorgan Chase & Co in a cyberattack launched in June, though no money was taken, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the investigation into the case. 

A voice-recognition software for investigations

A Mexican student is developing a voice-recognition software to be used during criminal investigations and court cases.

Software that prevents cyber attacks

To prevent cyber attack software from capturing vulnerable servers, scientists have developed a free defence software that can inhibit the identification of systems by such programmes.

Virtual finger to navigate 3D images

In what could make 3D imaging studies more efficient, saving time, money and resources across many areas of experimental biology, researchers have developed a software to digitally navigate three-dimensional images.

Apple holds back iWatch release till November

Apple iWatch is not likely to enter the market until November, revealed a report.

Multi-language support in Google Now delayed: Reports

Google is still working on multi language support system on Google Now which was to be launched in the few days hence postponing the launch.

Centre fast-tracks introduction of e-governance software in offices

The tech-savvy Narendra Modi dispensation has put on fast-track the process of making government offices more efficient and transparent work places by introducing e-Office, a software that will minimise the use of paper.

Software that makes internet search relevant for you

Have your ever felt riled at the irrelevant and unwanted results a search engine throws in response to your query?

New software lets you see how your child will age

If you are imagining what your child will look like when he or she grows up, a computer could now answer that question in less than a minute.

New software helps you better map specific person in text

Researchers have reportedly developed new software, which establishes connections between the mentions of names in a text and potential persons or places.

New software to curb online banking frauds

Have you ever been a victim of an online money transfer fraud? Read this.

Indian scientists develop software to catch computer botnets

Indian scientists have developed a monitoring software that can detect the telltale signs of botnet activity on a computer and disable the malware.

Software that reads your emotions is here

Why is there often a disconnect between what people say, do and think?
Not any more.

Security firm warns Adobe hack puts all computers running software `at risk`

A security firm has said that the recent hack on Adobe systems has put all the computers running the software at risk of being attacked.

Microsoft awards over $100,000 to expert for finding bugs

Microsoft Corp is paying a hacking expert more than $100,000 for finding security holes in its software, one of the largest such bounties awarded to date by a high-tech company.

New software lets users learn keyboard shortcuts

A German scientist has developed a software which assists users in identifying and learning keyboard shortcuts so they can become as fast as expert users.

Karna govt acts to stop porno watching on official computers

Rattled by a reported CBI dossier about state secretariat employees` prurient interest in watching pornography on official computers during office hours, Karnataka government has decided to install software to block such sites.

New software to detect forged photos

Scientists have developed a new software to detect forged photos and have used it to debunk claims that the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing photo is fake.