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Soil can lock away greenhouse gases, curb global warming

Soil can lock away greenhouse gases, curb global warming

Adopting the latest technologies and sustainable land use practices on a global scale could store more emissions in farmland and natural wild spaces, the study suggests.

Soil, water found highly contaminated in UP's Moradabad: Study

 Soil and water are highly contaminated with metals in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad city due to illegal, unchecked recycling of electronic waste, according to a study.

Proteins that help plants grow under salt stress identified

Proteins that help plants grow under salt stress identified

 While high salt in soil threatens to reduce the growth and yield of crops, researchers have now identified a protein family that may help plants grow under slat stress.

India hits back at Raheel Sharif's accusation, says Pakistan should first tackle terrorism on its soil

India hits back at Raheel Sharif's accusation, says Pakistan should first tackle terrorism on its soil

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday dubbed Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif's accusation against India of 'creating instability' through ceasefire violations and supporting militancy in different areas of the country as ludicrous and said that Islamabad should instead focus on tackling terrorism on its soil.

Uttarakhand Governor asks Pant varsity to advise govt on agricultural issues

Uttarakhand Governor KK Paul on Tuesday asked the GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology to set a panel of experts for advising the state government on ways to increase agricultural productivity and educate farmers about latest farming techniques and soil characteristics.

Soon, planes could be flying on fuel from 'fungus'

Soon, you may able to travel on planes that fly on jet fuel from black fungus that is commonly found in decaying leaves, soil and rotting fruit, thanks to a new research.

Silicon boosts sustainable rice production

Silicon boosts sustainable rice production

By enhancing the resistance against pests, pathogens and abiotic stresses such as salts, drought and storms, silicon (Si) plays a crucial role in the development of sustainable rice production systems with lower or zero input of harmful pesticides, says a study. 

How the earth underground resists missile attack

 Hit hard by a missiles or meteor, materials like soil and sand actually get stronger to resist the force from penetrating deeper underground, says new research.

Ancient DNA reveals how wheat came to Britain

Hunter-gatherers in ancient Britain may have imported cereals from Europe long before they turned to farming, new research reveals.

Punjab offers rewards to stop stubble burning

The Punjab government on Wednesday announced rewards to districts and villages across the state which curb the unhealthy practice of burning stubble (residue of harvested crops).

Dust from Sahara Desert provides nutrients to Amazon soils

An estimated 22,000 tonnes of phosphorus, an essential nutrient for plant proteins and growth, is carried by the dust from Sahara Desert to the Amazon rain forest every year, a new study has found.

India offers farmers soil tests to boost yields

India will provide soil testing for farmers to target the correct use of fertilizers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday, to push up yields and cut back on costly misuse.

Salinisation posing threat to Sunderbans: Study

Salinisation posing threat to Sunderbans: Study

Accumulation of salts in the soil leading to reduced fertility (salinisation) is a "poorly understood" process and is a "silent" threat to the Sunderbans mangrove forests, a World Bank report said on Monday.

Salt tolerance gene in soybean identified

Researchers have identified a gene that could enable soybean increase its tolerance of soil salinity.

Electric Sparks may have changed nature of moon`s soil

A new study has revealed that electric sparking might have altered the nature of lunar soil in its coldest craters.

Can tiny ants save us from global warming?

Ants may be one of the earth`s most powerful biological climate brokers, a study claims.

Mars was warmer and wetter 3.7 bn years ago

Scientists have revealed that images and data captured by the rover Curiosity suggest that Mars would have been warmer and wetter some 3.7 billion years ago.

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojana to be lunched: Minister

According to the union government's statistics, only 44 percent of the 14 crore hectares of arable land in the country is irrigated.

Martian dust reveals water content in ancient times

Mars rover Curiosity has more than 120,000 measurements of surface rocks and soil and in the process revealed a more detailed image of how much water was once present on the Red Planet.

Soil may help forecast Earth`s future atmosphere

Soil plays an important role in controlling the planet`s atmospheric future, a new study has revealed.