Electric Sparks may have changed nature of moon`s soil

A new study has revealed that electric sparking might have altered the nature of lunar soil in its coldest craters.

Can tiny ants save us from global warming?

Ants may be one of the earth`s most powerful biological climate brokers, a study claims.

Mars was warmer and wetter 3.7 bn years ago

Scientists have revealed that images and data captured by the rover Curiosity suggest that Mars would have been warmer and wetter some 3.7 billion years ago.

Martian dust reveals water content in ancient times

Mars rover Curiosity has more than 120,000 measurements of surface rocks and soil and in the process revealed a more detailed image of how much water was once present on the Red Planet.

Soil may help forecast Earth`s future atmosphere

Soil plays an important role in controlling the planet`s atmospheric future, a new study has revealed.

Plant that suck up pollutants from soil

Chinese experts have successfully used a plant to clean arsenic pollution from the soil.

NASA’s Mars rover finds soil in crater ‘Endeavour’

Veteran Martian rover Opportunity that is exploring the rim of a vast Martian crater have found evidence of water and chemicals unlike anything the robot has seen so far.

Multi-nutrient deficiencies surfacing in soil

Soil tests in different parts of the country in the last five years have revealed that multi-nutrient deficiencies are surfacing in many intensively cultivated areas.

Now, trees can detect soil, water contaminants

Trees can really let you know about unseen degradation of the environment.

Understanding soil could help tide over climate changes

The lowly soil is often overlooked when it comes to addressing climate change & population growth.

`Set up mission to rejuvenate soil`

The condition of soil in India is deteriorating at a rapid pace & needs urgent attention to prevent further damage.

Pak `won`t accept any foreign troops’ on its soil

Pak notes that mandate of NATO, ISAF troops is "restricted to Afghanistan".

Organic farms have higher quality fruit

Compared to the conventional farms, organic ones produce more flavourful and nutritious strawberries while leaving the soil healthier and more genetically diverse, says a new study.

Fern gene that helps clean soil of arsenic

Researchers have identified a gene that allows a type of fern to tolerate high levels of arsenic.

Iran said ready for uranium exchange on its soil

Iran said Tuesday it was ready to exchange its low-enriched uranium with a higher enriched material, but only on its own soil, to guarantee the West follows through with promises to give the fuel.

Rooted to the soil: Hindustan Times

For Imran Matin and many other weavers in Varanasi, last month’s Eid was special.
Three days before the festival, the Banarasi saree was given a geographical indication (GI) certificate.