Artificial sunlight to test solar cell efficiency

To help test solar cell properties and find ways to boost their efficiency, researchers have developed a laser-based instrument that generates artificial sunlight.

Scientists develop environment-friendly solar cell

In a significant finding, scientists have developed a new low-cost, efficient and environment-friendly solar cell that can be used without hazardous material lead.

Solar cell material can generate electricity, emit light too

In a major breakthrough, scientists have developed a low-cost solar cell material which can also emit light, in addition to converting light to electricity.

Breakthrough to boost solar cell output by 40%

A breakthrough could boost the output of low cost solar cells in rooftop panels by a whopping 40 percent.

Scientists develop ultra-thin solar cells

Austrian and Japanese researchers today unveiled solar cells thinner than a thread of spider silk that are flexible enough to be wrapped around a single human hair.

Tweaking solar cell can double its efficiency

Doubling the amount of sunlight that a solar cell converts into electricity may be possible just by tweaking its tiny parts.

‘More durable and less expensive’ solar cell

Scientists have developed highly efficient electrolyte system for solar cells that can convert sunlight into electricity and retain it for longer period.

New solar cell technology boosts efficiency of photovoltaics

The creation of a 3-D nanocone-based solar cell platform has allowed a team of scientists to boost the light-to-power conversion efficiency of photovoltaics by nearly 80 percent.

`Artificial leaf` can power households cheaply

The leaf mimics photosynthesis process by which green plants convert sunlight and water into energy.

Swiss solar cell inventor wins technology prize

Swiss scientist Michael Graetzel won the 2010 Millennium Technology Prize Thursday for helping to develop cheap solar cells for renewable energy projects.