Solar powered aircraft to land in India

The world`s first solar powered aircraft, Solar Impulse, capable of flying day and night is all set to land in India about a year from now, the aircraft`s manufacturer said.

Solar plane inspiration for sustainable development: UN chief

Applauding the first cross US journey of the solar-powered plane, Ban Ki-moon today said the historic flight could serve as an inspiration to tackle climate change and promote sustainable development.

Solar-powered plane lands in Washington

The single seater Solar Impulse plane, attempting a record-breaking trip across the US, made a smooth landing here today, leaving it with just one more hop to go in its cross-continent journey.

Solar plane lands in Arizona, 1st leg of trip

A solar-powered airplane landed in Phoenix early Saturday morning after a flight from California that included several hours in the air after sundown.

Solar-powered plane embarks on flight across US

A solar-powered airplane has embarked on the first leg of its journey across the United Sates on Friday, May 3.

Solar-powered aircraft lands in Spain after 17-hour flight

A plane, which was exclusively using the sun’s energy, has touched down in Spain after a 17-hour flight.

Solar plane to make first cross-continent flight

The world`s largest solar-powered plane, Swiss-made Solar Impulse, will take its first-ever cross-continent flight in May or June.

Solar plane lands after completing 24-hour flight

An experimental solar-powered plane lands safely after maiden 24-hr test flight.

Solar-powered plane makes successful maiden flight

At the pace of a fast bicycle, a solar-powered plane took to the skies for its
maiden flight, passing an important test on the way to a historic voyage around the world, a journey that would not use a drop of fuel.