Solar storm heads Earth`s way after double sun blasts

Two big explosions on the surface of the sun will cause a moderate to strong geomagnetic storm on Earth in the coming days, possibly disrupting radio and satellite communications, scientists said Thursday.

New `IMaX` magnetograph makes observing Sun`s magnetic structure possible

A Spanish instrument known as IMaX magnetograph has observed the sun for the formation and evolution of a magnetic flux tubes on its surface.

Plasma plumes shield Earth from damaging solar storms

Scientists at NASA and MIT have identified a plasma plume that naturally protects the Earth against solar storms.

Flip in Sun`s polarity to cause solar storms

Scientists have revealed that the magnetic field of the Sun is expected to reverse polarity within the next three weeks, which could have a huge effect on our solar system.

Source of space weather near Earth discovered

Solar storms - powerful eruptions of solar material and magnetic fields into interplanetary space - can cause what is known as "space weather" near Earth.

A satellite that can warn us about solar storms

The ACE satellite, floating 1.5 mn km above the Earth, can warn us up to an hour before a large-magnitude solar storm.

Solar storms can destabilise Earth’s power grids at mid-latitudes

The Sun is capable of disrupting electrical systems on Earth in a variety of ways, from solar flares and coronal mass ejections to proton storms, a new study has claimed.

Solar storms join floods, terrorism as risks to UK

Britain has added volcanoes and solar
storms to floods, flu and terrorism on a list of threats to
national security.

Solar storms behind Earth’s vanishing electrons

UCLA researchers showed that the missing electrons are swept away from the planet by a tide of solar wind.

Solar storms `could sandblast the moon`

Solar storms and associated (CMEs) could significantly erode the lunar surface, according to a new set of computer simulations by NASA scientists.

‘Giant magnetic ropes’ cause solar storms

The finding will help mitigate the adverse effects that solar storm eruptions can have on satellite communications on Earth.

`Solar storms may cause `global Katrina` any time`

Earth may now be more vulnerable to a ferocious solar storm that could wreak havoc for mankind.

NASA launches satellite to watch for solar storms

NASA launched a science satellite on Thursday to keep a close watch on the sun and help improve forecasts of the solar storms that can disrupt navigational signals, satellites and power grids.