Know how you identify motorbike from its sound

If you are in a street and hear the sound of an approaching motorbike, you expect to see a motorbike, and not a horse, coming around the corner.

How infants understand speech

Researchers through cochlear implant simulations have found that infants process speech differently than older children and adults.

Know why you have poor memory for sound

When it comes to memory, we do not remember things we hear nearly as well as things we see or touch, reveals research.

Bond-style one-way sound device developed

Scientists have developed a new `Bond-style` device that may allow spies to listen to someone without having to worry about being heard.

Autistic kids have trouble linking sights with sounds

A new study has revealed that children with autism spectrum disorders have trouble integrating simultaneous information from their eyes and their ears.

New dolphin inspired radar system to help detect hidden explosives

Scientists have invented a new radar system that is inspired by the way dolphins hunt using bubble nets.

Emotions can affect sound perception

Scientists have established the mechanism that reveals how emotions are linked with the way humans hear and process sound, says a study.

New technique allows sound to pass through walls

Scientists have developed a new technique to allow sound to pass through walls.

Plants react to sound, make noises: Oz research

New Australian research has claimed to have discovered that plants appear to react to sounds and may even make clicking
noises to communicate with each other.

Blue whales can hear sounds in wider range

Blue whales can be affected even by sounds that are outside their vocalisation range.

What sound means to squids

Marine biologists have started prying on squids’ world to find out how these creatures hear and how they respond to sounds in the ocean.

Ktk`s financial position is sound, says CM

Karnataka Chief Minister DV Sadananda
Gowda on Saturday said that the financial position of the state "is
very sound".

The sound of music - a healing therapy

The world of clinical music therapy where hundreds like Salooja are being cured of personality and other disorders through the sound of music.

The sound of music - a healing therapy

The world of clinical music therapy where hundreds like Salooja are being cured of personality and other disorders through the sound of music.

Vowel sounds help to distinguish between gay, heterosexuals

A new study has suggested that the vowel sounds in an unfamiliar voice help identify a speaker``s sexual orientation.

Ajmal Kasab is mentally sound: Bombay HC

Describing Pakistani terrorist as a
person of sound mind, the Bombay High Court on Wednesday turned down
his petition seeking constitution of a medical board to study
his psychological profile and mental health.

Alert sounded in Bihar for I-day celebrations

An alert has been sounded across
Bihar in the wake of Maoists` call for boycott of the
Independence Day celebrations tomorrow, according to official

Sound in Hollywood movies could soon be virtual

Hollywood`s sound effect artists, who bring films to life with an unlikely range of props, including celery, polystyrene and soap, could be made redundant by a new generation of synthesised sound.

Baby corals use sound cues to reach home

Coral larvae, just like their older counterparts, can use sound as a cue to find coral reefs, found researchers.

Scientists develop ‘saser’ that emits sound rather than light

Two research groups, using tiny drum heads and vibrating towers, have made impressive advances in developing a ‘saser’, which is a new type of laser that emits sound rather than light.