Comet Pan-STARRS streaks across Southern skies

Called Pan-STARRS, the comet passed within 100 million miles (160 million kilometers) of Earth on Tuesday.

West Antarctic Ice Sheet warming twice as fast as previously thought

The western part of the Antarctica ice sheet is experiencing nearly twice as much warming as previously thought, a new study found.

South Africa opens largest mosque in southern hemisphere

A huge mosque complex, largest in the southern hemisphere, modelled on the famous Selimiye mosque of Turkey was inaugurated on Friday by South African President Jacob Zuma here.

Earth-passing asteroid much bigger than thought

A potentially hazardous asteroid thought to have been 500 meters wide, which drifted safely by coming within 14 lunar distances from Earth on Thursday.

Largest partial solar eclipse today

Astro enthusiasts in the country will miss an opportunity to watch the largest partial solar eclipse of the year as it will be visible only from the deep Southern Hemisphere.

Tyranosaurs roamed southern hemisphere: Study

Tyrannosaurus rex, once believed to have only roamed the Earth north of Equator, may also have lived in southern hemisphere, paleontologists said.