SpaceX unveils its new space capsule `Dragon V2`

California-based company SpaceX on Thursday unveiled its new gorgeous spacecraft, `Dragon V2` at its headquarters amid glitz and glamour.

Soviet-era space capsule fetches 1 mn euros at auction

A Soviet-era space capsule that was used for a series of key test flights into space in the 1970s fetched a million euros at an auction.

Soon, balloon to edge of space for a USD 75,000 price tag

Arizona`s World View Company is developing a space capsule, which will be propelled into the sky by giant helium balloons, for 75 thousand dollars price tag.

Unpowered helicopter capsule to help astronauts

A radical new unpowered rotor design space capsule could allow astronauts to land anywhere in the world - even on the top of a building - without a single bump

Soviet era space capsule sold for nearly $3 mn in New York

The spherical Vostok 3KA-2 Space Capsule went under the hammer at Sotheby`s for 2.88 million dollars.