Orion spacecraft dawn of new chapter in space exploration: US
Orion spacecraft dawn of new chapter in space exploration: US

The successful test flight of the Orion spacecraft is the dawn of a new chapter in space exploration, the White House on Saturday said after NASA's unmanned spacecraft completed its first test flight.

'Synthetic biology' promises to make space exploration 'more practical'

A new research has revealed that synthetic biology is a key to make manned space missions more practical.

NASA seeks new technology for space exploration
NASA seeks new technology for space exploration

In an effort to stimulate deep space capability development across the aerospace industry, NASA has sought proposals for technology development projects.

Soon, world`s first 3D-printed space camera

Come September, NASA plans to have the first 3D-printed space camera to give space exploration a new dimension.

NASA creates space engine like none other

In what could be a game changer in space exploration, NASA has successfully tested a "microwave thruster system" that requires no propellant to generate thrust.

Artist develops first ever man-made leaf that could provide oxygen during space travel

In a path-breaking innovation, Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri developed the first man-made, biologically functional leaf that takes in carbon dioxide, water, and light and releases oxygen.

US may be in `worst position` of space exploration, fears Buzz Aldrin

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin has recently shown his concerns over US losing its position at the forefront of space exploration.

NASA green signal for 12 space exploration ideas

With an aim to boost big breakthroughs in space exploration, NASA has selected 12 futuristic space technology ideas for funding.

`Mars One` vows to defy fatwa by sending people to space

A space exploration company is planning to send four people on a one-way trip to Mars to fight against the fatwa issued by Islamic authorities which mentions that the trip was akin to suicide.

China may soon allow rich to step into space

Rich Chinese tourists will be able to go on a journey into space as China may send its spacecraft into space before the end of 2014.

China wants space collaboration with US

Buoyed by the successful landing of a rover on the Moon, China has sought global cooperation for space exploration, especially with the US which prohibits direct collaboration between NASA and Chinese space agencies.

Space-faring nations lay groundwork for human, robotic exploration

Officials from 32 of the world`s space-faring nations concluded a trio of summits on Friday to tackle expanding participation in the International Space Station and planning for eventual human expeditions to Mars.

Russia bets on sweeping reform to revive ailing space industry

From rocket-shaped playground equipment to faded murals of cosmonauts, mementos of the heyday of Soviet space exploration are scattered around this sandswept town that launched Yuri Gagarin into orbit in 1961.

NASA refuses funding manned mission to Mars in 2017

NASA has snubbed Dennis Tito`s proposal to send two astronauts to Mars in 2017.

Mars mission will enthuse young minds in studying space: Kalam

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam Tuesday said that the country`s Mars mission would not only help in learning technology and mission implementation but also enthuse young minds in further exploring the outer space.

NASA portrayed Armstrong as `high tech cowboy` to help fund future missions

The first moon landing in 1969 is mainly remembered as an exciting and important turning point in world history, which continues to inspire space exploration projects to Mars and beyond today.

India`s second moon mission Chandrayaan-2 stuck in limbo

India`s second mission to Moon appears headed for a prolonged delay following uncertainty over availability of lander from Russia even as the `desi` rocket to launch the space odyssey would take time to become operational.

China poised for bigger strides in space exploration: Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping today hinted at a major expansion of China`s space programme, saying the country is poised for "bigger strides" in space exploration after the success of various manned missions.

Setting foot on Mars by 2030 is human destiny and US priority: NASA chief

Setting foot on Mars by the 2030s is the ultimate destination in our solar system for humanity, and a priority for NASA, the agency`s chief has said in a conference of space experts at George Washington University.

NASA invites public to send names, messages to Mars

NASA is giving a golden opportunity for those who want to be a part of space exploration history.