Space probe Rosetta spots dusty veil around comet

The comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, target of ESA`s Rosetta mission, has begun to develop a dust coma.

Space probe Gaia launched to map a billion stars

Europe`s billion-star surveyor has been launched into space where it will create a highly accurate 3D map of our galaxy.

Herschel space observatory nearing end of historic 3-year mission

ESA`s Herschel space observatory, which has spent more than three years studying the Universe, is expected to run out its supply of liquid helium coolant in the coming weeks.

Are manned missions a waste of space?

It is being argued that they sapped funds and put lives at risk.

Asteroid space probe to return to Japan

A space capsule that scientists hope is carrying asteroid dust reveals secrets about the solar system.

Space probe enthralls Japan as it heads home

Japan is counting down to the homecoming of a space hero next week.

Japan launches space probe to Venus

Japan launched a climate orbiter "Akatsuki" on a two-year mission to Venus on Friday.