China researchers plan Mars mission 'around 2020': State media
China researchers plan Mars mission 'around 2020': State media

Chinese scientists are planning to launch a Mars rover "around 2020", state media reported today, as the country pours billions into its space programme and works to catch up with the US and Europe.

Pranab Mukherjee lauds satellite launch- Another landmark in space programme

India will immensely benefit from the applications of the country`s second navigation satellite that was successfully placed into orbit Friday, said President Pranab Mukherjee.

Space programme has benefited country: S Radhakrishnan

The success of the Indian space programme has trickled down to society and led to direct economic and other benefits, ISRO chairman S Radhakrishnan today said.

Scottish Mars exploration plan given 4 mn pound funding

A space programme led by a Scottish research group has received about 4 million pounds in funding to develop a drill to explore the surface of Mars.

Ethiopia unveils telescope in first phase of space programme

Ethiopia unveiled Friday the first phase of a space exploration programme, which includes East Africa`s largest observatory designed to promote astronomy research in the region.

Iran to send another monkey into space: Report

An Iranian newspaper is reporting that the Islamic Republic plans to send another monkey into space within a month.

`Mars mission to boost India`s global credentials`

India`s proposed Mars mission in November would boost New Delhi`s credentials to become a partner in international ventures of such kind in the future, veteran space scientist K Kasturirangan said.

China`s space programme has no military purpose

China`s space-related technological developments can be used in both civilian and military sectors, said an official.

Heavenly gadgets: Spinoffs from space programmes

Artificial hearts, Olympics-calibre swimsuits are spinoffs from space programmes.