How spaceflights weaken human immune system

Results of nearly two years` worth of study on biological samples from space shuttle Atlantis, have shed light on how the human immune system responds to stress and assaults while in space - and maybe here on Earth.

NASA`s shuttle Atlantis makes its final journey

After 32 missions and more than 125 million miles in space at speeds around 17,500 miles per hour, NASA`s space shuttle Atlantis covered its final journey Friday.

NASA`s space shuttle program to end tomorrow

Space shuttle Atlantis has undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and is scheduled to make its final landing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday.

Space shuttle Atlantis crew almost done packing up

The 10 space travelers spent the day putting some final items in Raffaello, the Italian-made cargo canister that`s the size of a bus.

NASA picks May 14 launch for Atlantis` last flight

Space shuttle Atlantis is set to blast off on its final flight next week.