US astronauts step out on spacewalk
US astronauts step out on spacewalk

Two American astronauts on Wednesday stepped out on the second of three spacewalks to prepare the International Space Station for the arrival of commercial capsules ferrying astronauts in the coming years.

Branson to meet Virgin Galactic space team after crash
Branson to meet Virgin Galactic space team after crash

Richard Branson is set to meet his Virgin Galactic space team in California`s Mojave Desert on Saturday following the crash of a passenger spaceship being developed by his company that killed one pilot and seriously injured the other.

Man builds spaceship in his kid`s bedroom

Have you ever thought of building a spacecraft for your kid? Learn from this man who gifted his four-year-old son a NASA spaceship simulator - right in his bedroom!

SpaceX unveils its new space capsule `Dragon V2`

California-based company SpaceX on Thursday unveiled its new gorgeous spacecraft, `Dragon V2` at its headquarters amid glitz and glamour.

Scientists building `space ark` to save humanity

Scientists are developing an interstellar Noah`s Ark - a self-sustaining spaceship that can carry humans on a one-way mission to find a new world to inhabit in the event of a global catastrophe.

Rihanna set to travel to space

Singer Rihanna will reportedly get herself tickets in Richard Branson`s much awaited Virgin Galactic spaceship, which will travel to space next year.

Europe`s largest spaceship now connected to International Space Station

ESA`s fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle, Albert Einstein - the heaviest spacecraft ever launched by Europe, completed a flawless rendezvous with the International Space Station on Saturday.

Russia designs new spaceship

Russian space rocket corporation Energia has completed the technical design of a new manned spacecraft whose flight tests are due to begin in 2017, according to Energia president Vitaly Lopota.

Soon, spaceship to send humans to another star!

Humans have sent probes to planets and asteroids throughout our solar system. But we’ve never come close to propelling a manmade object as far as another star.

Russian cargo spaceship docks with ISS

A Russian cargo spaceship docked with the International Space Station (ISS) Friday, the Mission Control Centre said.

Astronauts head to ISS on spaceship Gagarin

Three astronauts blasted off for ISS in a spaceship named after the first man in space Yuri Gagarin.

Russian spaceship takes New Year gifts to ISS

A Russian spaceship is delivering 2.5 tonnes of supplies that includes New Year gifts for ISS astronauts.

Russian spaceship ready to dock with ISS again

Russian cargo spaceship which failed to dock with the ISS is ready for yet another attempt.

Russia to develop nuclear-propelled spaceship

Russia is set to develop a
nuclear-propelled spaceship for the future lunar and
inter-planetary missions, a top Russian space official said on Wednesday.