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Spain`s economic recovery masks lingering jobs crisis

Spain`s economic recovery masks lingering jobs crisis

this summer he packed and left for the only place he could find a decent job -- Germany.

Only 5% of bank aid recovered: Spain central bank

A total of 53.55 billion euros were provided to Spain`s banking sector via a restructuring fund in the aftermath of the financial crisis, including 2.25 billion euros of contributions from the private sector.

Spain`s economy to grow by 2.4% in 2015: PM

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy predicted Tuesday that Spain`s economy, the eurozone`s fourth largest, could grow by 2.4 percent in 2015, raising the previous 2.0 percent forecast.

Spain recovery drives up trade deficit 53%

The shortfall of exports to imports in the eurozone`s fourth biggest economy grew by 53.4 percent to 24.47 billion euros ($28 billion), figures from the ministry showed.

Spanish jobless number slips as summer tourism opens

The number of people registered as unemployed fell month-on-month by 29,841 people, or 0.67 percent, to 4.42 million in July, the Labour Ministry said.

Spain reports record number of visitors in first half

The number of foreign visitors was up 7.3 percent over the figure for the same time in 2013, when the country set a new record for tourist arrivals, the tourism ministry said.

Spain to maintain pace of economic growth: Minister

Spain technically exited its second recession in five years in mid-2013.

Spain shows fastest growth in six years

Spain`s economy grew at the fastest pace in six years in the first quarter of 2014, the central bank said Thursday in a preliminary estimate.

Thousands march in Spain against austerity

Tens of thousands of people marched in dozens of Spanish cities Thursday against austerity measures enacted by the government, which is under pressure from the EU to reduce its public deficit.

Spain reports price drop as eurozone fears deflation

If the initial data are confirmed, it would be the first annual decline in consumer prices since October 2009.

Moody`s upgrades Spain`s credit rating one notch

Moody`s raised Spain`s sovereign credit rating by one notch Friday, citing progress in reforms to put the economy on a more sustainable track.

Spain exits recession, raising timid hopes for Europe

Spain inched out of its two-year recession with timid growth in the third quarter, the country`s central bank said on Wednesday, fuelling fragile hopes of a broader eurozone recovery.

Spain says 2012 recession deeper than first announced

The Spanish economy shrank 1.6 percent in 2012 last year rather than the 1.4-percent contraction first posted, the National Statistics Institute said.

Economy contracted in second quarter: Bank of Spain

The economy contracted 1.8 percent on a year-on-year basis, the Bank of Spain Economic Bulletin said.

IMF says Spanish recession `may end soon`

Spain`s economy, still reeling from a 2008 property market crash, fell into a double-dip recession in 2011 and the unemployment rate has since soared to more than 27 percent.

Spain is emerging from recession says minister

"We don`t have all the data regarding this quarter" but "it is much less bad than the previous one," he told an economic gathering in Santander, northern Spain.

Spain achieves monthly trade surplus

Spain achieved in March its first monthly trade surplus since records have been kept, the country's economy minister said here.

Banks seized nearly 40,000 homes in Spain

The Banco de España study showed that in 83 percent of the cases the homes were primary dwellings.

Spanish economy will recover in 2014: Mariano Rajoy

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called Wednesday for staying the course on the reforms implemented by his government and said that adjusting the deficit target had avoided "the strangulation" of society.

Spain's consumer confidence improves

The CIS Friday said this meant a 8.8 percent increase on a monthly basis, while a 12.8 percent rise in annual terms as April 2012 Spain's consumer confidence stood at 50.3 points, reported Xinhua.