SAS sent to Iraq to track down Jihadi John and ISIS militants

60-strong squadron of Special Air Service (SAS) troopers has been sent to Iraq to target ISIS militants and track down Jihadi John.

Britain deploys SAS special forces in northern Iraq: Report

Britain has deployed SAS special forces in northern Iraq where thousands of civilians are trapped on a mountain by Sunni militant fighters, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

Indira Gandhi asked Thatcher to stop helping Lanka militarily

Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had asked her British counterpart Margaret Thatcher to stop helping Sri Lanka with military advice to crush the separatist Tamil Eelam movement in the 1980s, according to newly declassified documents.

Sikhs demand probe into British SAS-Operation Bluestar link

Outraged Sikh organisations and leaders on Tuesday demanded a thorough probe into reports that the British government colluded with former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi over Operation Blue Star

‘No credible evidence’ that Princess Diana was killed by SAS: British police

The British police have reportedly said that there is no ‘credible’ evidence that would support the claim that a member of British Army`s special forces regiment was involved in the death of Princess Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and her driver.

SAS launches probe over Diana`s death claim: Report

Special Air Service, an elite British Army regiment, has launched an internal probe over the sensational claim that it was behind the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed in 1997, a media report said on Wednesday.

British special forces train Libyan troops: Report

Some of Britain`s most elite soldiers have been training Libyan forces in counterterrorism and surveillance for the past six months, a UK newspaper said on Saturday.