Australia deploys special forces, joins air strikes in Iraq

Australia`s cabinet Friday authorised the deployment of special forces and military air strikes to tackle the Islamic State organisation in Iraq, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.

Benghazi suspect fighting anti-Islamist general before U.S. raid

The suspected ringleader of a 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, snatched this week by U.S. forces, had been fighting a Libyan general committed to root out Islamist rebels when he vanished without trace, according to his brother.

US not considering sending Special Forces to Nigeria: White House

The US at this point of time is not actively considering sending Special Forces to Nigeria to rescue over 200 school girls abducted by the dreaded Boko Haram Islamist militants nearly a month ago, the White House said today adding that the focus is on assisting the Nigerian government on finding these girls.

Ukraine moves special forces to Odessa, Helicopter downed in east

Pro-Russian rebels shot down a Ukrainian helicopter in fierce fighting near the eastern town of Slaviansk on Monday, and Kiev drafted police special forces to the southwestern port city of Odessa to halt a feared westward spread of rebellion.

Russia to spend $300 mn on training special forces

The Russian defence ministry will allocate 10 billion roubles (about $300 million) on training programmes for special forces, the commander of the Airborne Assault Forces (VDV) said on Wednesday.

Special anti-Naxal force for Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh

Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh, hit by Maoist movement, will raise specialised forces trained in guerrilla warfare.

NATO sets up new HQ for allied Special Forces

NATO opened a new headquarters complex for its special forces as part of a larger move aimed at offsetting the effects of deep defence cuts and better coordinating the elite military units.

Combined commanders` meet skips issue of 3 new joint commands

In the absence of consensus, the combined conference of commanders of the three Services skipped the issue of raising three new joint commands for Special Forces, cyber security and aerospace.

US denies parachuting into North Korea

Brigadier General Neil Tolley reportedly said the US troops had been entering the North Korea for ``special reconnaissance`` missions.

Raid admiral`s toughest fight: Winning Washington

Admiral Bill McRaven is defending his proposal that would give him more authority to send special operations forces overseas.

India holds military exercises close to China border

India has begun major military exercises close to the Chinese border involving Special Forces of the Army.

`US forces to stay in Afghan even after pullout`

The evolving strategy is far different from the withdrawal plan for Iraq, where almost all American forces have left.

Indian Army raising new special forces battalion

Strengthening its capabilities
to carry out special operations, the Indian Army is raising a
new special forces battalion which will be deployed in the
north-eastern sector.

North Korea builds up special forces: South

North Korea has deployed faster, more powerful tanks near border with South.

US special forces secretly working with Pakistan military

US embassy cables released by
whistleblower website WikiLeaks reveal that teams of US special forces have been secretly working with Pakistan military in the tribal areas, the Guardian said Wednesday.

US to resume ties with Indonesia`s special forces

US had its severed with Indonesia`s special forces over human rights abuses.

Special forces triple in Afghanistan: US commander

US special operations forces have nearly tripled in Afghanistan in the past year and have captured or killed 121 Taliban leaders, the commander of NATO forces in the Afghan war said on Thursday.

Russian special forces storm oil tanker, free ship

Russian forces rappelled onto a disabled oil tanker taken over by Somali pirates, freeing 23 sailors.

Army to send passing-out officers to its Special Forces

Facing an acute shortage of
officers in its Special Forces, the Indian Army has decided
to send two passing-out officers each from its academies to
these elite units.