Pentagon to cut $1 bn in civilian workforce spending

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced plans to cut Pentagon staff by 20 percent, which would save $1 billion from 2014 to 2019.

People overspend on Christmas: Ronan Keating

Irish singer Ronan Keating feels that people tend to overspend on Christmas shopping.

India spent over Rs 4,42,000 on defence equipment

India spent over Rs 4,42,000 crore in the last ten years on procuring defence equipment for the armed forces from both foreign and Indian players.

Naxal hit districts spend 47% of funds

Sixty naxal hit districts across
nine states have spent 47 per cent of funds allocated under
the Integrated Action Plan for providing basic facilities
like roads and power in these areas in the last 10 months.

Pak`s annual defence spending at Rs 495bn

Pakistan hiked its defence budget by nearly 12 per cent to Rs 495 billion for fiscal 2011-12.

India needs to increase spending on healthcare: WHO

Low govt spending on health - at $32 per capita characterizes the poor state of healthcare in India.

India needs to increase spending on healthcare: WHO

Low govt spending on health - at $32 per capita characterizes the poor state of healthcare in India.

India needs to increase spending on healthcare: WHO

While India`s life expectancy has gone up to 65 years
in 2009, up from 61 years in 2000. Global life expectancy was
still higher at 68 years in 2009 as compared to 64 in 1990.

Global military spending growth slowest since 2001

South America saw the largest increase in military spending growth last year.

Italian PM’s account shows lavish spending

Silvio Berlusconi reportedly gave EUR 562,000 to 14 young women last year.

`Higher education sector spending to be Rs 1.50L cr in 10 yrs`

The spending in the higher
education sector in the country is projected to go up from Rs
46,200 crore at present to Rs 1.50 lakh crore in the next 10
years, said a study released here on Thursday.

NWDA spent over Rs 277 cr for river link feasibility reports

A Government body has spent over
Rs 277 crore in the last 27 years to prepare feasibility
reports and detailed project reports of 30 links identified
for the much-hyped river inter-linking project.

India raised only 1% spending on climate change: Study

The Union government expenditure on measures to adapt to climate change has increased a measly one percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in past four years, a study released here Tuesday said.

Financial crisis fallout: Americans are spending less

With the financial turmoil hitting them hard, American households have cut down on their spending and are saving more, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Country risks sinking in debt: Greek PM

Greece`s Prime Minister announced a barrage of spending cuts Monday, promising to control a ballooning government budget deficit and warning that the country risked drowning in debt.

US Senate to vote on $1.1 trillion spending bill

Senate Democrats overcame a Republican filibuster to clear the way for a vote on a huge end-of-year USD 1.1 trillion spending bill that includes money to run much of the government and pay for Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

India needs sharp increase in farm spending: PM

PM Manmohan Singh said the country needs to sharply increase public spending on agriculture.

Recession fails to kill IT spending: Survey

Micro Focus, a leading provider of enterprise application management, testing and modernisation solutions, on Tuesday announced results of a survey with examining link between finance and IT during the current economic downturn.

Planning commission may lower spending for 11th plan

The Planning commission on Thursday hinted
at contraction of plan programmes in the remaining period of
the 11th plan ending 2012, due to lesser budgetary support in
the face of falling growth.

British PM Brown admits need for spending cuts

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown conceded he would have to cut spending in order to tackle Britain`s soaring debt, but promised voters on Tuesday "vital frontline" services would not be affected.