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Yo Sperm test – Men can now check their fertility using smartphone-powered home kit

Yo Sperm test – Men can now check their fertility using smartphone-powered home kit

The Yo Sperm test works through an app and a microscope attachment that covers the phone's camera and flash, enabling men to keep a check their reproductive health without having to go to the clinic.

Doing moderate and continuous exercise may improve sperm quality, says study

Doing moderate and continuous exercise may improve sperm quality, says study

 A new research has found that men who engage in moderate and continuous exercises may improve sperm quality.

Boys born through IVF have low sperm counts: Study

ICSI is a procedure by which sperm from the father is injected directly into the mother's egg in the laboratory, and then the fertilised egg is placed in her womb. 

Planning parenthood through surrogacy? Things you need to know

 It is imperative that you should know what surrogacy actually is, how does it work and what are the risks associated with it.

Male infertility: Five foods that can damage your sperm! (Slideshow)

Male infertility: Five foods that can damage your sperm! (Slideshow)

Five foods that can damage your sperm! (Slideshow)

Now men can easily test sperm health at home with smartphone!

Some men often find it embarrassing to visit a fertility clinic to test the health of their sperm. 

French court rules woman can use dead husband's sperm

Artificial insemination in France is limited to sterile couples.

Marijuana offers new hope for fertility cure

Frequently smoking pot can take its toll on your sperm and now, a new study suggests that a marijuana receptor might actually hold the key to new fertility treatments for men.

Artificial sperm a reality; male infertility a thing of past?

Reproducing germ cell development in vitro has remained a central goal in both reproductive biology and reproductive medicine.

Know how father`s diet affects RNA of his sperm

In two recent studies, researchers have found that a father's diet affects the levels of specific small RNAs in his sperm, which in turn can affect gene regulation in offspring.

Tails say go left but sperm distort bodies to turn right!

Sperms need to crane their necks to turn right to counteract a left-turning drive caused by the rotation of their tails, says new research, adding that the discovery can lead to better in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and other fertility treatments

Sperm tells tales of your diet before conception

 If you are planning a baby, do not just sermon your wife to eat well but control your diet first. According to a fascinating study, sperm carries key information about what new dads gulped down before the conception.

A handful of walnuts secret to better sperm: Researchers

The simple way to boosting male fertility, a major problem across the world, could be gobbling a handful of walnuts, researchers say.

Pesticides exposure may damage sperm in teenagers

Adolescent exposre to organochlorine pesticides such as DDT may lead to defective sperm and consequently fertility problems later in life, says a study.

Male birth control pill could soon become reality!

Looks like a birth control pill for men is on its way.

Sperm carry tiny harpoons for fertilisation

A protein that acts like a tiny harpoon to allow the sperm to latch onto the egg and fertilise it has been discovered by researchers, including those of Indian-origin.

50 million year old sperm found in Antarctica

The world's oldest sperm cells preserved in a tiny cocoon in Antarctica for a whopping 50 million years have been recovered by researchers, a scientific journal has reported.

Improved sperm diagnostic test soon

Giving hope to childless couples, a team of scientists has developed the first diagnostic test for sperm RNA based on next-generation sequencing.

Sperm-egg fusion point identified in study

Key molecular events that could be playing a critical role as sperm and egg fuse to create new life have been identified, providing a ray of hope for future male contraceptive, says new study.