Smoke emanates from SpiceJet flight, passengers safe

The passengers of Chennai-Tuticorin SpiceJet flight had a narrow escape Tuesday morning after smoke emanated from one of its engines.

SpiceJet aircraft makes emergency landing at Bagdogra

A SpiceJet flight with 127 people on board on Tuesday made an emergency landing at Bagdogra airport in Darjeeling district, airport sources said.

Technical snag delays departure of Spicejet flight

A technical snag in a Delhi-bound Spicejet from here led to delay in the aircraft`s departure by nearly two and half hours.

Bomb threat grounds Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight

A SpiceJet aircraft with 179
people on board was on Sunday grounded after a foreign traveller
claimed that there was a bomb inside the plane, forcing
authorities to evacuate all the Delhi-bound passengers.

Spicejet flight makes emergency landing

The flight made a turnaround eight minutes before it reported a technical hitch and a full emergency was declared at 12.15 pm.

Fire alarm in SpiceJet flight; DGCA cancels trip

DGCA chief S N A Zaidi had to
cancel his trip to Bangalore today after a fire-alarm went off
in a SpiceJet aircraft, leading it to be declared
unserviceable for the flight.

Bomb scare in Spicejet flight causes panic at NSC airport

The NSC Bose International Airport
here today witnessed some anxious moments after a chit was
found inside a Chennai-Kolkata Spicejet flight, threatening
that a bomb was planted inside the aircraft.

Spicejet flight makes emergency landing in Mumbai

An Ahmedabad-bound Spicejet aircraft
Monday made an emergency landing at the airport here following
problems in its air conditioning unit.