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Is Sony planning to bring Spider-Man to Disney for 'Captain America 3'?
Is Sony planning to bring Spider-Man to Disney for 'Captain America 3'?

Sony Pictures is reportedly planning to bring Spider-Man to Disney for use in Marvel's 'Captain America 3' without Andrew Garfield .

Kirsten Dunst `doesn`t give off the vibe` to sleep with directors

Kirsten Dunst said that she doesn`t give off that vibe when she was questioned about ever having slept with directors.

Marvel comics to bring all Spider-Man versions that ever existed in new event

Marvel Comics recently announced plans to bring all the versions of Spider-Man that ever existed together in a mega-event series.

`Spider-Man` creator Stan Lee to star in own project

Comic book writer Stan Lee, the co-creator of superheroes like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor, is all set to create and star in a trilogy of animated movies.

Willem Dafoe did not like `Spider-Man` reboot

Willem Dafoe, who played villain `the Green Goblin` in the original `Spider-Man` movie, is not a fan of its reboot starring Andrew Garfield.

Gecko Feet inspires spider man like adhesive!

For years, biologists have been astonished by the power of gecko feet, which let these 5-ounce lizards produce an adhesive force almost equivalent to carrying nine pounds up a wall without slipping.

‘Spider Man’ baddie Rhys Ifans held for battery during Comic-Con event

Rhys Ifans, who plays the ‘bad guy’ in the upcoming ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, was arrested.

‘Spider Man’ musical director stepped down over unpaid royalties

Julie Taymor stepped down as a director of ‘Spider Man’ musical for not being paid royalties for working on the project.

Spider-Man comes to India

He is one of the most popular superheroes -- and he is now in India.

Garfield takes inspiration from Ledger for Spider Man role

Andrew Garfield is taking inspiration from late actor Heath Ledger`s performance as Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ to prepare for his role as Spider Man.

New palm-sized adhesive device can make you Spider Man!

Your dream of scaling up the wall just like web slinging superhero Spider Man may soon be a reality, thanks to Cornell researchers who have developed an adhesive device that can make it possible.