NRL player in induced coma after neck injury

Australian National Rugby League player Alex McKinnon has been placed in an induced coma after suffering a broken neck and a "devastating spinal injury".

Paralysis treatment: Leading avenues of research

Stem cells are immature cells that grow into the specialised cells that comprise the body`s tissue. The aim is to coax these cells into becoming nerve cells to replenish those damaged in spinal injury.

New spinal implant helps crippled patients to walk again

A revolutionary spinal implant has offered a new hope to thousands of people suffering the daily agony of spinal injury.

Nerve cells` repair work may help spinal injury healing

Here`s hope for those suffering from spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders -- researchers have found a way to make injured nerve cells regenerate.

Zebra fish study boosts hope for spinal injury victims

Scientists have decoded the secrets of the zebra fish`s amazing ability to heal its spinal cord after injury.

George Clooney considered committing suicide due to spinal injury

George Clooney has revealed that he was in so much pain once that he contemplated committing suicide.

‘Agonizing’ spinal injury prompted George Clooney to contemplate suicide

George Clooney has admitted that at one point of time, he had seriously thought of killing himself, after he sustained a spinal injury that left him agonizing in pain.