NASA`s WISE and Spitzer telescopes help discover coldest "brown dwarf" known

NASA`s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) and Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered what looks like the coldest "brown dwarf" known-a dim, star-like body that, surprisingly, is as frosty as Earth`s North Pole.

NASA begins deepest ever probe of the universe

NASA`s Hubble, Spitzer and Chandra space telescopes are teaming up to look deeper into the universe than ever before and search for the most distant and faint galaxies that can possibly be seen.

NASA`s Spitzer Telescope dissecting `hot Jupiters`

Thanks to NASA`s Spitzer Space Telescope, researchers are beginning to dissect an exotic class of exoplanets, called hot Jupiters, revealing raging winds and other aspects of their turbulent nature.

NASA`s Spitzer finds solid buckyballs in space

In the latest discovery, scientists using Spitzer detected tiny specks of matter, or particles, consisting of stacked buckyballs.

Spitzer Telescope spots mix of asteroids near Earth

This will help astronomers better understand near-Earth objects as a whole.