Katie Holmes flaunts bangs for spring

It`s spring, and actress Katie Holmes has got herself a new look courtesy some bangs.

Full midi skirts trending as Spring fashion

What`s the most sought after fashion trend during spring time? The full midi skir

Spring break becomes sex haven for students and tourists

The annual American spring break, long infamous for its debauchery across the Pond, is increasingly popular with holidaying Brits looking for a wild time.

Russia starts spring draft

The Russian armed forces are expecting to call up 153,200 conscripts for military service in the annual spring draft that started Monday and will last through July 15.

Men have healthier sperm in winter and spring

Couples trying to conceive a baby, should try during winter and spring, as human sperm seem to be healthier -- with faster swimming speeds and fewer abnormalities -- during those times, a new study has found.

Hay fever worse in spring than summer

Symptoms of hay fever such as a running nose, sneezing and itchy eyes are caused by an allergy to grass pollen.

Spring is worst time of year for drink- driving: Survey

Spring is the worst time of the year for drinking and driving.

Spring is worst time of year for drink-driving

The Christmas period has the fewest number of over-the-limit drivers.

The dark side of spring – melting snow releases toxins

There is a peak contaminant flush at the very beginning of the melting of snow.

Myths related to spring allergies busted

Not satisfied with the kind of information available pertaining to spring allergies and want something reliable?

Mel Gibson’s ‘The Beaver’ to hit theatres in spring

Gibson’s latest offering, which has been directed by Jodie Foster, was put on hold when the actor hit the headlines this year amid reports of a domestic dispute with his Oksana.

Climate change: Danger to long distance migratory birds

Early arrival of spring at breeding sites makes it harder for birds to attract a mate or find food.

NE Spring Festival from Friday

A week-long North East Spring
Festival begins tomorrow at North East Zone Cultural Centre
(NEZCC) complex at Dimapur.